Salesforce Adoption Maturity – You’re All In

All In | Salesforce Adoption MaturityThere’s an old saying about having ham and eggs for breakfast – the chicken is involved, but the pig is committed. Just like the pig, when Salesforce has become the backbone of your business, you’re all-in. In our previous posts on adoption, Introducing the Model, Keys To Success, and Levering Salesforce, we discussed the early stages of adoption and hurdles that may occur. In this final stage of the Adoption Maturity Model, we are discussing how you know you’re all-in. In our consulting experience, we usually see companies hit the all-in stage within a year of launching the platform. Their success in being all-in is driven by making a 100% commitment to using Salesforce to optimize their business. When considering ways to make their business more efficient and effective, they think of the platform first. All-in users automate entire business processes and integrate with external systems using the advanced capabilities of Salesforce. They build custom web apps and mobile apps using Visualforce, and their Customers and Partners login to Salesforce through Communities to engage and do business. Here are a few examples of how our clients have gone all-in with Salesforce:

  • Reseller of Capital Equipment – They use Salesforce for their e-commerce, including their web presence, inventory management, service management, and accounting and financial reporting.   
  • Publishing Firm – They use Salesforce for sales, marketing, relationship management, and the creation and management of their ad production schedule.
  • Construction Company – They use Salesforce to manage their customer relationships, partner relationships, project communications, and master project scheduling.  
  • Waste Removal Company –  They use Salesforce to manage all of their pickups and deliveries, plus handling driver dispatch through a mobile app.
  • 401K Third-Party Administrator – They use Salesforce to manage all of their client’s transaction requests and regulatory compliance.

These companies run their businesses based on data provided by the platform, and their ability to scale is directly linked to their use of Salesforce. Salesforce has helped these businesses to grow and thrive! Are you ready to be all-in?

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