Salesforce Winter ’22 Release

Salesforce Winter '22 ReleaseFast Slow Motion is excited to announce the Salesforce Winter ’22 Release



Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing, Flow Updates, Lightning Experience, and Health Cloud.

Sales Cloud Updates

Pipeline Inspection Enhancements – Permission Set


Use the new Einstein Deal Insights to see which opportunities are least likely to close within the month with Pipeline Inspection Enhancements. Einstein Conversation Insights Enhancements lets you match conversation records from phone and video calls to the corresponding opportunity. Accurately troubleshoot to get a clear picture of the context behind every deal.

Multiple Variant Testing enables A/B testing in the High-Velocity Sales (HVS) Sales Cadence Builder. Test up to three variants per node for each action type (such as comparing email templates) to determine which best practice is truly the best for each step.

In High-Velocity Sales Setup, turn on Allow Email Template and Call Script Variant Testing. When managers add an email or call step to a sales cadence, they can include up to three email templates or call scripts for the step. They can specify the percentage of targets that see or hear each variant.

Make real-time changes to your live sales cadences and drive efficiency in the moment using Sales Cadence Enhancements. – When sales managers want to improve a sales cadence, they can update active sales cadences without interrupting sales outreach. Managers can add and remove steps, update step names and descriptions, email template and call script variants, sales cadence rules, and more.



Service Cloud Updates


With Customer Service Incident Management, resolve major incidents faster with new objects to track, diagnose, and fix service impacting issues. Empower service and ops teams to deliver better customer experiences when everyone has full visibility into incident, case, and customer data.



Marketing Cloud Updates

Journey Builder Enhancements for Google Analytics


Get journey reporting that gives you a better picture of the impact of your marketing efforts on customer online engagement. The Google Analytics Free integration opens up some Google Analytics 360 Integration tracking and reporting features for customers with the free Google Analytics Property Type. Google Analytics Free doesn’t include Google Audiences reporting.

How: If you have Journey Builder, the Google Analytics Free integration is available. Find tracking configuration in Google Analytics and Parameter Manager in Setup. After completing setup, find Google Analytics reporting on the Journey Builder Analytics dashboard. Find enablement information at Google Analytics 360 Integration for Marketing Cloud in Salesforce Help.

Pardot Updates

Landing Page Builder Enhancements

Build Pardot landing pages using a drag-and-drop editor!




Flow Updates

Easily Create and Extend Intelligent Workflows


Among other Salesforce Flow enhancements, now a record-triggered flow can launch other flows via Subflow elements. Without requiring code, record-triggered flows can access external systems via flow paths that run asynchronously. In screen flows, choices are easier than ever to set up, and you can customize footer labels (beta). Flows can send outbound messages, so you can retire all your workflow rules.

1 – Record-triggered flow can launch other flows via Subflow elements
2 – Record-triggered flows can access external systems via flow paths
3 –  You can now debug scheduled paths and paths that run asynchronous – you can update the triggering record’s fields right in the Debug flow window.


In-App Guidance Enhancements

Now you can use them with specific record types!


Now, you can choose if you want in-app guidance to appear for all or only a specific record type. And you can customize your message so that users get detailed help for the unique layout and picklists of different record types. Previously, when you created in-app guidance and assigned it to a record page with multiple record types, the in-app guidance appeared for all of its record types.

Question: Is this an added cost?
Answer: Available with the purchase of Standard Salesforce License for Prompts. 

Additional information link:


Health Cloud


Benefits and eligibility verification – Automate benefits verification to quickly validate medical, pharmacy, and durable medical equipment coverage prior to performing services with Benefits & Eligibility Verification. benefits verification objects are available to users with the Health Cloud and the Health Cloud Platform permission set licenses and the Health Foundation permission set.

Why: Automated benefit verification helps care providers, pharma suppliers, and device makers improve access to care and patient experience. It supports a variety of service types and benefit models and seamlessly integrates this step into the end-to-end patient access workflow.

How: Connect Health Cloud to an external service that stores benefit codes so users can see eligibility status in real-time as part of the patient intake flow.

Question: Is this an additional cost?

Answer: Available with the purchase of Health Cloud. Link for more information:

Intelligent Appointment Management Enhancements help healthcare organizations improve patient engagement and operational efficiencies by providing patients with a safe, reliable, and convenient way to schedule medical care — anywhere. Patients can schedule their own appointments through a portal, and the new setup assistant makes it easier and faster to get Appointment Management up and running.


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