Salesforce Spring ’22 Release

spring-22-releaseFast Slow Motion is excited to announce the Salesforce Spring ’22 Release



Marketing Cloud, Einstein Activity Capture, Service Cloud, Pardot, and Flow.

Easily capture leads where you want them with Marketing Cloud Data Extensions or Salesforce Lead Object


Quickly send data from your Experience Cloud website to Marketing Cloud using a simple drag and drop form. A new marketing form allows you to capture key customer information (name, company, etc.) and store them directly in Marketing Cloud.

Additionally, the lead form now supports higher scale lead submissions, while customers can still capture leads in Salesforce’s Lead Object. The Lead Form can now support 3x more lead submissions and traffic.



New Guided Setup Card for Marketing Cloud Form


This step-by-step task list will help ensure all the required steps are completed to connect Marketing Cloud to your Salesforce Org and the Marketing Cloud Form component. Instead of having to find a Salesforce help article, find all the instructions you need to set up your org configuration to support the Marketing Cloud Form right within Workspaces > Guided Setup.

marketing cloud form
marketing cloud form2

Einstein Activity Capture

User Enhancements

einsteinDecide whether to share sensitive emails with other users
Users can feel confident about using EAC’s powerful email sharing feature, secure in the knowledge that EAC will automatically not share sensitive content.

User Delete of Connected Accounts
Now when users’ connections to Microsoft Outlook or Google G Suite have problems, the users don’t have to turn to their admins for help (and the admins don’t have to call Support). Instead, users can follow simple prompts to delete the problematic connection and then re-do it – by themselves!

See Activity Metrics Data for Emails Sent and Received
Always know how recently there’s been email activity on a Contact, Account, or Opportunity! Add “Last Email Sent” and “Last Email Received” to see the latest dates of these activities, and know when/if to keep those deals warm.

Service Cloud

Resolve Disruptions Faster with Customer Service Incident Management



Quickly Setup Incident Management

Easy to Get Started with an out-of-the-box incident management solution.

Quickly setup Incident Management based on best practices. With default page layouts for all 3 Incident Management (IM) objects available out of the box and with the 3 IM objects added to the Service App Navigation Bar once IM is turned on, it’s even faster for teams to prep and begin resolving incidents.

incident management



Activate for Automation Action

Users can now select emails created in the new drag and drop email builder in their Pardot Automation Rule and Completion Action actions. Now all Lightning email content records can be used for List or Automated email sends. Pardot Growth / Plus / Advanced / Premium.



Migrate to Flow (Beta)

Get started quickly with Flow by moving existing automation over.

It’s time to “go with the Flow!” We are encouraging our customers to move from Workflow Rules and Process Builder to Flow. With that in mind, Spring ‘22 contains the first look at our Migrate to Flow tool, which provides a one-click migration from a workflow rule to flow


flowCustom Labels for Flow Navigation Buttons (GA)

Previously, the only way to change the default labels was to build your own custom footer. It’s now possible to override the default labels when you configure your screens. Now you can make it clear exactly what will happen when the user moves forward. “Create Case” or “Acknowledge Terms” are much more clear than “Next”. You can also provide translations for your custom footer labels using the Translation Workbench.