Salesforce Spring ’21 Release

Fast Slow Motion is excited to announce the Salesforce Spring ’21 Release


The Salesforce Spring ‘21 Release brings a fresh start for Community Cloud with a brand new name—Experience Cloud. Learn how the Spring ’21 Release can help you deepen customer relationships and maximize ROI.

Sales Day | Salesforce Spring 21 Release


Keep up with market changes and scale best practices.

  • Forecast Adjustments on the Salesforce Mobile App
  • High-Velocity Sales for Opportunities
  • Salesforce Maps Field Safety Kit

Service Day | Salesforce Spring 21 Release


Build loyalty with visibility and personalization.

  • Build loyalty with visibility and personalization
  • Einstein Recommendation Builder
  • Field Service: Appointment Assistant

Marketing Day | Salesforce Spring 21 Release


Engage customers with real-time interactions.

  • Engage customers with real-time interactions
  • Interaction Studio: Real-Time Segment Triggers for Journey Builder
  • Loyalty Management
  • Pardot: Campaign Cloning

Fantastic Sales Cloud Updates!

Opportunity Products

It’s finally here after 12 years of requesting this update!


Opportunity Products | Salesforce Spring 21 Release

Create a lookup relationship between any standard or custom object and OpportunityLineItem.


Einstein Opportunity Scoring for Everyone!


Artificial intelligence, which boosts sales with invaluable insights and predictions, is a must-have for sales teams competing in today’s marketplace. If your org meets specific requirements, all Sales Cloud users have access to Salesfore’s AI technology—Einstein—without an extra cost.

Specifically, you have access to Einstein Opportunity Scoring. Review information about the feature. Plus, see how easy it is to get started with Einstein. We can help you!


High Velocity Sales for Opportunities


Sales teams can now use Einstein Conversation Insights with video calls, create call collections, and see more information on Conversation Insights dashboards. Managers and reps can use sales cadences with opportunities, deactivate sales cadences, and be more specific about who can change target assignees. High Velocity Sales and its features are available for an extra cost. For pricing details, contact your FSM account executive. Sales Dialer is also available for an extra cost as an add-on license.


Pardot Updates

Enhanced Clone for Campaigns

  • Clone all (or some) of a campaign’s assets
  • Related: Clone functionality for email content records

Pardot Enhanced Clone | Salesforce Spring 21 Release

Two-click Unsubscribe


Unsubscribe | Salesforce Spring 21 Release

Specify Completion Actions on Email Links


Completion Actions | Salesforce Spring 21 Release

Service Cloud Updates

Field Service

Advanced Maintenance Recurrence & Create Predefined Shift Patterns

Field Service


Flow Updates

Run a scheduled path on a record-triggered flow.

Configure Scheduled Paths


Access prior values for a record-triggered flow with Record__Prior.fieldName.

Edit Decision


Get in touch with us. There’s a lot more to offer in this update!