Chatter More, Email Less with Salesforce

Chatter-More-Email-Less_400Salesforce’s internal social collaboration platform, Chatter, is one of the top social collaboration tools according to review platform, G2 Crowd. This isn’t surprising. Chatter has enabled businesses to share valuable information amongst themselves, changing the way they collaborate and communicate internally.

Chatter is a versatile tool for your company.  Here are three of the best ways you can use it to help your business:

1. Collaborate internally about prospects and customers.

You can use Salesforce Chatter to ask questions you’d normally ask a colleague in person or via emails. It’s a great platform for efficient communication, whether you’re asking company experts for input or discussing customers with your team.

Using Chatter, you’ll have a record of all your conversations. You can also use it to share your ideas and brainstorm among your team for better collaboration. Through Chatter, you will have a documentation trail of what’s been discussed and a place to store messages, files, and useful links for easier reference.

2. Connect with colleagues from all over the world.

For some working environments, meeting with colleagues in person isn’t always possible. This can create an impersonal work environment that could affect your company culture. Salesforce Chatter helps bridge the gap, especially for businesses with remote teams, traveling sales reps, or global offices. You can easily connect with coworkers you don’t see regularly.

Company leaders can also use chatter to share their thoughts or make big announcements that will reach everyone within the company. It makes communication easier, and management more accessible to employees.

You can also use Chatter to increase employee engagement. Everyone can share their own milestones, achievements, or even wish each other a happy birthday.

3. Discuss niche topics via Groups.

You can create groups for focused and organized discussions on Chatter. You can create groups relating to Salesforce objects or create them around your organizational structure to meet business goals.

Salesforce Chatter isn’t only for internal communication. You can also collaborate with external contacts like customers or vendors. You can set the level of privacy so you can be sure your partners get the data they need while keeping the rest of your information secure. Just add their email into the group and they’ll be able to view the group’s discussion, enabling them to get up to speed quickly and jump right in. Salesforce Chatter is a powerful communication tool. It’s even mobile friendly, making it a consistent and convenient platform for staying connected with your colleagues, boosting productivity and driving results.