The Hiring Process from an Employer’s Point of View

Sam Donaghey Appears on the “Salesforce for Everyone” Podcast

Salesforce for Everyone - Episode 028Fast Slow Motion’s Recruitment Director, Sam Donaghey, recently appeared on Talent Stacker’s Salesforce for Everyone Podcast and shared about the hiring process from an employer’s point of view. You won’t want to miss this episode that’s full of wisdom for anyone that’s job hunting within the Salesforce ecosystem, as well as in-depth insights on what Fast Slow Motion is really looking for in a candidate.

Highlights from the Episode:

  • What does FSM look for when interviewing possible candidates?
  •  What is the hiring process like at FSM?
  • What are job descriptions really meant for?
  • Why is culture such an important part of the equation?
  • How can a candidate get a recruiter’s attention?
  • Do college degrees really matter?
  • What’s the outlook for Salesforce when it comes to a recession?
  • What are some of the different Salesforce-related roles, and how are they relevant at FSM?