Clinical Trial Recruitment

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Clinical Trial Recruitment

Project Story: Creating a Participant Management Solution for a Clinical Trial Recruitment Organization


A clinical trial recruitment organization needed a solution for managing complex business needs, including:

  • Management of a large amount of data for research and clinical trials.
  • The ability to ensure a diverse participant base with reportable attributes.
  • Mapping of participants to projects (or trials) in order to understand which participants are starting and completing the clinical trials.


Fast Slow Motion created a comprehensive solution to meet the client’s needs by:

  • Utilizing the Lead Management capabilities within Sales Cloud along with the Health Could Patient structure and its relationship to Programs to accurately track and effectively engage with participants.
  • Configuring Sales and Health Clouds to enable the client to market to both individuals (as potential participants) and clinical research organizations.


Fast Slow Motion helped the client solve several business problems for the client, giving them:

  • Better data management, including the ability to segment data effectively by participant attributes.
  • More effective marketing, creating a larger, more diverse participant pool as well as sales opportunities with clinical research organizations.
  • Optimized management and reporting for clinical study participation.