Building a Bulletproof Culture | Ep 003

Adversity doesn’t stand a chance against a bulletproof culture. Join Sam Donaghey and Matt Dyar, COO of Fast Slow Motion, as they delve into the essence of creating a work environment that not only survives but thrives in the face of adversity.

In this insightful discussion, Matt shares invaluable lessons on fostering a culture rooted in trust, adaptability, and clear purpose, drawing from his rich experience in nurturing thriving workplaces. Discover actionable strategies for building a cohesive, agile team that’s ready for anything the business world throws their way.

Tune in to learn how to fortify your company’s culture and steer your business towards enduring success.

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In This Episode:

  • 00:01:50:12: Prioritizing Culture at Fast Slow Motion
  • 00:02:46:07: What is a Bulletproof Culture?
  • 00:04:10:05: Adaptability in Building a Strong Culture
  • 00:07:03:25: The Necessity of Repeating Your Purpose
  • 00:08:07:26: The Significance of a Unified Message in Culture
  • 00:13:11:27: Processes and Their Impact on Culture
  • 00:16:25:00: Implementing Radical Candor for Effective Communication

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