Beverage Manufacturer

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Beverage Manufacturer

Project Story: Creating a Comprehensive Sales Tracking and Site Visit Solution for a Beverage Manufacturer


A manufacturing client needed a management system to help incorporate mobile functionality and provide a basis for their IT infrastructure, including:

  • Enhanced collaborative capabilities.
  • Optimized company integration and functionality.
  • Increased mobile usability and effective reporting.


Fast Slow Motion created a solution that solved these issues by:

  • Utilizing Sales Cloud and Maps to support a nationwide sales team.
  • Executing a system to track and display sales data within Salesforce.
  • Implementing a mobile solution that enabled data entry in the field.
  • Building reports to help communicate sales data efficiently to executive team members.


Fast Slow Motion created a comprehensive solution within Salesforce, enabling the client to:

  • Save time on route planning and optimize travel.
  • Streamline the data entry process at the field level.
  • Automate the process of scheduling an additional visit.
  • Provide near-real-time reports to the executive team.