Ask Sam: 5 Qualities We Look for in a Potential Hire

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It’s an exciting time to be part of an amazing remote-first company like Fast Slow Motion. We’ve been thrilled by the recent amount of interest we’ve had in our work, company culture, and opportunities. I’m often asked about what hiring managers want in a candidate, so I thought I’d share some things that we look for during the interview process.

Here are 5 things we look for in a potential hire:

  1. Consultative Abilities

    Fast Slow Motion is a Salesforce and HubSpot Partner Consultancy. We have completed over 1,000+ projects for almost 400 clients, and we have a 5-star rating on the AppExchange. We are passionate about what we do, and we strive to improve every day as we continue to grow and expand our team. We are business operations experts; we partner with our clients to implement CRM and marketing automation for their business, and use business acumen along with technical know-how to create truly transformative solutions. We want to know if you can:

    1. Engage: Can you engage with people? We work with people every day—clients, teammates, everyone! Can you build rapport and develop long-lasting relationships with people around you?
    2. Consult: Are you a consultant right now or do you have the potential to be a consultant in the future? Do you have the business acumen, ability, and skills to read between the lines, to think outside the box, to work with what’s in front of you, no matter how vague, and do an amazing job anyway?
    3. Build: How much do you know about the Salesforce and HubSpot platforms? Can you design, architect, and build out eye-catching and creative solutions that solve real business problems?
  2. Attention to Detail

    Attention to detail is one of those little things that really makes a big impact when speaking with a client, trying to understand their business needs, identifying their pain points, and ultimately, solving their problems. When we are interviewing candidates, we’re looking for people who have a keen eye for the finer details and understanding their importance. The work that we do is fast-paced and highly complex, so the candidates that can demonstrate attention to detail throughout the interview process will do very well!

  3. Culture Fit

    At Fast Slow Motion, we know who we are, we know what our core principles are, and we know the direction we are headed. We are motivated by being a blessing to business leaders, allowing for autonomy and flexibility, and creating and sustaining a company where people can succeed every day. What is your motivation? What drives you? Our principles and our values are what drive us, and as an organization, they are what unite us. When we hire, we find that if a candidate’s motivations and values are aligned with our own, it’s usually a great match!

  4. Organization

    Working at a consultancy can be tough. It takes grit and determination. However, the ability to organize in a fast-paced environment is also crucial for success here. At FSM our Consultants serve our clients in the GRB & SMB Markets. We work with multiple clouds, tools, apps, and products. Having a deep knowledge of a range of industries and businesses is also key to our success. With so many variables to consider, we must be organized so that we can manage our busy schedules and workloads. If you excel under pressure while staying organized, you’ll fit right in here!

  5. Communication Skills

    At Fast Slow Motion, we love to engage with people. We are a people-centric business and passionate about client happiness and helping them succeed. We work in teams, always collaborating and supporting each other as we work to ensure massive ROI for each of our clients. One of the ways that we do this and continue to make transformational changes during projects, is communication. If anything, we over-communicate at FSM. We are intentional with the way that we interact with our teammates and our clients so everyone is kept in the loop, and in turn, people feel valued and our projects can run smoothly throughout each engagement.

If the qualities above describe you, we’d love to talk. Check out our open positions and apply today!

Sam Donaghey, Fast Slow Motion Recruitment Director
Sam Donaghey, Fast Slow Motion Recruitment Director

Sam Donaghey is the Recruitment Director for Fast Slow Motion. Connect with him on LinkedIn to learn more about current career opportunities and ask questions about working at FSM.