Meet Tacita Thompson, Senior Salesforce Consultant

What does a Senior Salesforce Consultant do?

Salesforce is like a closet organization system and we’re like Marie Kondo, coming in and cleaning up the data and cleaning up the processes. My day typically involves a lot of planning in the morning, and we do scrum calls and have meetings with clients. We gather requirements, do design work, as well as testing, deploying, and building.

What’s the best thing about working at FSM?

I would say the biggest thing about working for this company is the leadership and how they lead by example. They’re continuously growing and they’re helping us grow along with them. I also love my co-workers – that they’re so intelligent, and I love being able to learn from them every day. And we’re constantly coaching each other and learning from each other. It’s a great experience.

Why do you like working with FSM clients?

There’s just something about small business owners. I think each of us that works here has a little bit of that entrepreneurial spirit in us, and we could have gone down that path, so we have empathy for them and just really enjoy helping them. There’s something really special about business owners.

What would you tell someone considering a career at FSM?

I encourage others to work at Fast Slow Motion—it’s pretty amazing to work in an environment where you really feel like every leader and every person around you is there to help you.