Why Your Business Isn’t Growing and What to Do About It | Ep 004

Unlocking growth is essential for any business, and this episode with Sam Donaghey and Michael Johnson, FSM’s Director of Growth, sheds light on just how to achieve it. 

They delve into the pivotal roles of systems, automation, and visibility in scaling a business effectively. Michael brings his extensive experience with hundreds of businesses to the table, offering real-world insights into common growth barriers and practical strategies to overcome them. 

This conversation is a must-listen for anyone looking to streamline their operations and drive their business forward. Tune in for actionable advice that can transform your approach to growth and set your business on a path to success.

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In This Episode:

  • 00:02:04:04: Kickstarting Growth in Businesses
  • 00:03:13:04: The Role of Automation in Business Growth
  • 00:05:21:22: Benefits of Systems, Automation, and Visibility
  • 00:06:14:23: Timing and Implementation of Growth Strategies
  • 00:07:18:17: Common Struggles in Business Growth
  • 00:09:23:07: Standardizing the Sales Process
  • 00:10:55:03: Transitioning from Spreadsheets to CRMs
  • 00:12:51:23: Addressing Disconnected Processes
  • 00:16:09:03: Structuring Sales Teams for Consistency
  • 00:18:45:01: Starting Points for Overwhelmed Business Owners

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