Why You Can’t Ignore Second-Order Leadership | Ep 012

In episode 012 of the Fast Slow Motion Podcast, Jeff White, Chief Delivery Officer at Fast Slow Motion, dives into the power of second order leadership. Explore how going beyond basic task execution to empower your team can spur both personal development and organizational success.

Gain insights on creating a robust, scalable business model by embedding leadership at every level. Tune in to uncover strategies for expanding your company’s potential through effective leadership practices.

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In This Episode:

  • Second Order Leadership: Jeff White introduces and explains the concept of second order leadership which focuses on achieving business objectives while simultaneously promoting personal and professional growth among team members.
  • Challenges of Leadership: Jeff shares personal challenges he has faced in leadership roles, particularly his struggle with perfectionism and being overly critical of himself and his work.
  • Empowering Teams: The importance of empowering team members to make decisions and take initiative, which is crucial for scaling and growing the business effectively.
  • Leadership Development: Discussion on the importance of continuous leadership development and creating a culture that promotes and supports growth at all levels of the organization.
  • Communication and Directness: Jeff talks about the necessity of being direct and clear in communication as a means of kindness and effectiveness in leadership.
  • Role of a Chief Delivery Officer: An overview of Jeff White’s role as Chief Delivery Officer at Fast Slow Motion, including his responsibilities and impact on client success.
  • Building Systems and Processes: The critical role systems and processes play in supporting business growth and how leaders can effectively implement these to support scaling efforts.
  • Leadership in Client Interactions: How leadership extends beyond internal operations to interactions with clients, ensuring project success and excellent service delivery.
  • Organizational Growth and Scaling: Insights into the challenges of growing a business from a small operation to a larger, more structured organization, and the leadership qualities needed to support this growth.
  • Coaching and Feedback: The importance of providing regular coaching and feedback to support team development, including structured one-on-ones and real-time feedback mechanisms.

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