Why Sales is Your Biggest Service Opportunity – Part 2 | Ep 014

In this episode of The Fast Slow Motion Podcast, Barry Thomason, sales expert and Entrepreneur in Residence at Auburn University, continues to share his expertise on refining sales processes. With extensive experience in sales and a pivotal role in building Fast Slow Motion, Barry discusses the importance of aligning sales processes with the buyer’s journey.

Discover practical insights on defining pipeline stages, maintaining transparency, and providing hyper-responsive service. Tune in to learn how these strategies can enhance your sales approach and foster trust with clients.

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In This Episode:

  • Honest Conversations: Barry Thomason emphasizes the importance of addressing problems with realistic solutions, advocating for transparency in sales interactions.
  • Revisiting Processes: Barry discusses the importance of understanding and defining the buyer’s journey, and aligning sales processes accordingly to ensure effective engagement.
  • Defining Pipeline Stages: Barry outlines the necessity of having well-defined entry and exit criteria for each stage in the sales pipeline to avoid clutter and inefficiency.
  • Buyer’s Actions: Barry highlights the critical need for buyer engagement in moving deals through the sales stages, ensuring that each transition is based on observable buyer actions.
  • Hyper-Responsiveness: Barry shares Fast Slow Motion’s commitment to immediate and proactive communication with prospects, setting a high standard for responsiveness.
  • Deep Discovery: Barry explains the value of thorough discovery calls to understand the client’s situation and needs, involving higher-level consultants if necessary.
  • Honest Cost Estimates: Barry stresses the importance of providing realistic cost estimates and being upfront about potential expenses to maintain credibility and trust.
  • Challenging Assumptions: Barry discusses the necessity of challenging client assumptions and pointing out process problems, even if it means potentially losing a deal.
  • Value in Blind Spots: Barry highlights the significance of identifying and addressing blind spots in the client’s understanding, adding substantial value to the sales process.
  • Promises and Delivery: Barry underscores the importance of clearly communicating the delivery process and meeting promised outcomes to build client trust and ensure a smooth transition from sales to implementation.

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