Why Sales is Your Biggest Service Opportunity – Part 1 | Ep 013

In our newest special Salesforce-specific episode of the Fast Slow Motion Podcast, Barry Thomason, sales expert and Entrepreneur in Residence at the New Venture Accelerator at Auburn University, delves into the nuanced world of sales as a disciplined craft. With a distinguished career spanning 38 years in various sectors of the IT industry, Barry offers deep insights into the transformative power of sales done right.

Discover how mastering sales can lead to significant business growth and stronger customer relationships. Tune in to learn about aligning sales efforts with the buyer’s journey and transforming sales interactions into service-oriented experiences.

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In This Episode:

  • Demystifying Sales: Barry Thomason opens up about his belief that sales is a craft anyone can master with enough discipline and practice—not some mystical talent you’re born with.
  • Meet Barry Thomason: Get to know Barry, a seasoned sales advisor with a career spanning 38 years across various IT roles, who has significantly impacted sales and marketing strategies at early-stage companies.
  • Sales as a Helping Hand: Discover Barry’s philosophy that true salesmanship is about aiding the customer, turning every interaction into an opportunity to serve and build trust, not just close a deal.
  • Embracing Change: Barry shares tales from his dynamic career, highlighting how he thrived in environments filled with uncertainty and change, turning chaos into order—a valuable lesson for any business owner navigating today’s fast-paced market.
  • Early Career Reflections: Barry reflects on his humble beginnings in sales, stressing the importance of evolving from simple product knowledge to becoming a genuine resource for clients.
  • Cultivating Sales Excellence: Dive into the critical need for structured training in sales teams, something often overlooked in smaller or growing companies but essential for sustainable success.
  • Aligning with the Buyer’s Journey: Learn how Barry aligns his sales strategy with the buyer’s journey, ensuring that every sales effort is relevant and timely, thereby enhancing customer engagement and satisfaction.
  • The Human Side of Sales: Barry argues for a humane approach to sales, where the focus is on helping rather than selling, and sometimes, on advising against a purchase if it’s in the customer’s best interest.
  • Professional Services and Sales: Explore the unique challenges and strategies involved in selling professional services, particularly how technical teams can actively participate in the sales process without sacrificing their integrity or service quality.
  • A New Perspective on Sales: Barry challenges traditional sales tactics and encourages a service-first mindset that aligns closely with the values of business owners looking to build lasting relationships and a reputable brand.

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