Why Leadership is a Non-Negotiable | Ep 011

In episode 011 of the Fast Slow Motion Podcast, discover why leadership is a non-negotiable trait when hiring and training employees for your business. Michael Smith, Director of People at Fast Slow Motion, explains how an ownership mindset among team members is crucial for a company’s success.

Learn effective strategies for identifying and cultivating these key traits to build a resilient and thriving team.

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In This Episode:

  • 00:01:23:14 – Michael Smith discusses his role as Director of People at Fast Slow Motion, focusing on aligning personal passion with professional responsibilities.
  • 00:02:05:08 – Overview of Michael’s responsibilities including the strategic hiring process, onboarding, company training, and mentoring leaders within the company.
  • 00:03:31:00 – Detailed insight into the intentional and rigorous process for recruiting leaders at Fast Slow Motion, highlighting the steps from initial screening to final interview with the CEO.
  • 00:06:34:16 – Discussion on the importance of alignment and intentional processes in hiring to ensure cultural and operational fit within the company.
  • 00:08:29:17 – Michael explains why every team member at Fast Slow Motion is considered a leader, emphasizing self-leadership and awareness.
  • 00:14:12:20 – Fast Slow Motion’s commitment to honest communication and real-time feedback within the company, fostering a culture of open dialogue and continuous improvement.

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