Webinar: Advice from an Entrepreneur – How to Scale Your Business Using Salesforce

John Burdett, CEO of Fast Slow Motion

John Burdett, CEO of Fast Slow Motion

So many business leaders put blood, sweat, and tears into growing their organization, only to hit a wall when the technology solutions they use to run their business begin to hinder growth instead of support it.


There’s a way out of this predicament, but not every business finds it. For an organization to move past this dysfunction and grow, they must take a thoughtful approach to building their technology infrastructure.


In this webinar, we’ll hear from John Burdett, CEO of Fast Slow Motion, and learn:

  • His personal story of building and scaling multiple businesses.
  • Why he ultimately chose the Salesforce platform on which to grow his own business.
  • His insights into how digital transformation done the right way can help businesses reach the next level in their development.


Update as of 12/6/21: The webinar has been postponed. Check this page for updates.

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