Working at Fast Slow Motion

The Top 6 Reasons We Love Working at Fast Slow Motion

When you join the team at Fast Slow Motion, it becomes clear that people really like working here. We know – companies say that all the time, but this time…it’s actually true. It’s something we’re super proud of, so we asked our team members to share what it is they love about working here. Read on for the top 6 reasons we love working for Fast Slow Motion:

1. Positive Work Environment

Jonathan Veazey

“The people at Fast Slow Motion are amazing. Everyone is thoughtful, humble, and smart. The desire for growth and excellence is contagious.”

– Jonathan Veazey, Director of Architecture

Eric Johnson

“I get to work with great teammates every day. The atmosphere is one where everyone is eager to help each other and it makes for a great working environment.”

– Eric Johnson, Project Leader

We work hard to hire great people, and it shows. Team members most often mentioned their coworkers as one of the top reasons they love working at Fast Slow Motion. It’s tough to get a job at Fast Slow Motion, and the people we hire are exceptional in their abilities, as well as their desire to serve both our clients and other team members well. The people on our team are a big reason we have such a great work environment.

2. Work/Life Flexibility

Alicia O'Neal

“The ability to work from home, along with flexible work and vacation schedules creates great work/family balance.”

– Alicia O’Neal, Sales Operations Director

Brian Morgan

“I have the flexibility to manage my own calendar. This stems directly from the trust that we have in each other to get the job done.”

– Brian Morgan, Delivery Operations Director

One of the three core principles that Fast Slow Motion is built on is flexibility. We believe that life and work are fully integrated, so Fast Slow Motion employees work with intentionality and focus, serving our clients better than anyone else while working around our own schedules from anywhere in the world.

3. We Actually Like Our Boss (No, Really!)


“The leadership team at Fast Slow Motion sets the tone for servant leadership in everything they do, from an ‘upside-down’ org chart to the way they always prioritize employees.”

– Tacita Thompson, Project Leader

Some business execs just give lip service to the idea of “servant leadership,” but the people in charge at Fast Slow Motion actually practice what they preach. Our core values that we discuss internally state that “people matter” and that we are “servant leaders who don’t follow the crowd and always do things the right way.” Our leaders live this out every day.

4. Helping Small Businesses Win

Eric Housh

“I love helping small business owners and entrepreneurs, and hearing the stories of why they decided to start their business. It’s inspiring and motivating.”

– Eric Housh, Chief Growth Officer

Our purpose at Fast Slow Motion is to “be a blessing to business leaders.” Several team members at Fast Slow Motion have built or run businesses themselves, and we’re passionate about helping business owners and entrepreneurs understand how to build and grow great businesses while enjoying life.

5. Empowerment

Terry Gamble

“There’s no micromanagement at Fast Slow Motion. Leadership makes sure that systems are in place so you know what you have to do and have what you need to be successful.”

– Terry Gamble, User Experience Consultant


“Fast Slow Motion leaders empower their employees in a number of ways. This creates a very special culture that is not often found in the workplace.”

– Todd Coder, Director of Alliances & Partnerships

We believe in giving our team members the tools they need to do their job well and putting systems in place that enable us to serve our clients with excellence, every time. With these essential elements in place, we trust that our team members can and will do what it takes to deliver outstanding solutions and service to our clients.

6. Zero Boredom

Zack Terry

“The work is challenging and fun – I have never been bored while working at Fast Slow Motion, and there is always so much to learn. Having the privilege to work across multiple projects with diverse goals and product needs provides numerous opportunities for personal and professional growth.”

– Zack Terry, Senior Salesforce Solution Architect

We work with a diverse array of growing businesses, with a wide variety of business problems to address. We dedicate ourselves to lifelong learning in order to tailor technology solutions to our clients’ unique needs.

Simply put, there are a lot of reasons to love working at Fast Slow Motion. Interested in joining our team? Check out our open positions today!