The EverRest Group Client Interview

In a recent interview, Fast Slow Motion’s Eric Housh and Nolan Verner spoke with Doug Smith from The EveRest Group, a longstanding client. Doug outlined EverRest’s role as a support group for heating and air contractors in the U.S., established in 2002, now aiding about 2500 members. Their partnership with Fast Slow Motion, initiated in 2016, focused on enhancing their Salesforce platform, specifically tailored to suit the unique demands of their niche in the heating and air contracting industry.

Expanding on the collaboration, Nolan highlighted their approach of developing customized solutions, especially in adapting Salesforce to EverRest’s specific operational needs. Their ongoing project involves a deeper integration of EverRest’s website with Salesforce, aiming to improve member engagement tracking and analytics. This collaborative effort between The EverRest Group and Fast Slow Motion demonstrates a commitment to innovative solutions and teamwork, propelling both organizations towards ongoing growth and success.