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The CFO of a business technology manufacturer needed to improve reporting for Opportunities and Orders.

Because closed/won opportunities could exist without an order, the company was using external spreadsheets and manual data manipulation in order to create comprehensive reports on opportunities, orders, and forecasts. There was no comprehensive reporting mechanism within Salesforce.


To create comprehensive reports within Salesforce, Fast Slow Motion began by creating two custom objects – Reporting Month and Revenue Change.

We then used Process Builder to update opportunities and orders and create the Revenue Change record.

We used Declarative Lookup Rollup Summary (DLRS) to roll up data, including:

  • Closed Lost Opp Amount,
  • Closed Opp Amount,
  • Closed Won Amount,
  • Open Opp Amount,
  • and Order Amount

…onto the Reporting Month object.

To populate the Reporting Month field on Opportunities and Orders, we used Lookup Helper.

Finally, we used Sortable Data Grids to display filtered information on Reporting Month records, including opportunities, orders, revenue changes, closed lost opportunities, and amount changes.


Now the company’s CFO has a comprehensive view of opportunities and orders within Salesforce, and can:

  • View the entire book of revenue, including opportunities, orders, and forecasts,
  • Group by month and by revenue date for both open and closed opportunities and orders, and
  • See when opportunities are pushed out or opportunity amounts are substantially changed.

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