The Scalable Business Framework

Imagine you are dropped into a bustling city. You didn’t see how you arrived and can’t decipher the signage. The language is foreign to you. So, asking for directions is out of the question. You are tasked with finding a specific contact at a specific location. The task seems insurmountable. You could eventually accomplish this, but it would be accidental and would take a very long time. This is the journey that many business leaders are on as they strive to scale their businesses.

Business growth is a complex journey. Many skilled leaders can expand their businesses but often struggle with the strategic approach needed to achieve consistent long-term growth.

The Scalable Business Framework is your beacon of hope, designed to offer a perspective that helps you identify and overcome potential challenges that might slow or prevent your growth.

The Scalable Business Framework

The Scalable Business Framework is a powerful tool, comprised of three essential components: Process, Automation, and Visibility. These can be applied to different aspects of your business, or even the entire operation. They should be addressed in a specific order, providing an iterative model that allows the Framework to grow with your business. Here’s a brief overview of each component to help you grasp the power of the Framework.

1. Process


A process is a collection of steps along a path to a desired goal. The best explanation for Process in the Scalable Business Framework is to borrow an example from the human body.

Process is the musculoskeletal system. It’s the foundation. Our skeletal system and muscular system are how we move and seek to accomplish our goals. Without them, we could not do anything. The same is true with business processes. The business process is the foundational means by which businesses seek to accomplish their goals as a business.

2. Automation


What do you think of when you hear automation? It’s easy for our minds to move to AI, workflows, and Apex. However, much of the simple automation implemented for clients has a tremendous impact. Let’s define automation by what it does. Automation makes the process easier for the client’s team and further guarantees the baseline of success laid out in the process.

In the human body analogy, automation is the autonomic nervous system. This is the system in the body responsible for a host of critical functions like respiratory rate, heart rate, and digestion. The autonomic nervous system performs these functions without conscious thought or energy, freeing humans up to higher-order tasks. Could you imagine the impact conscious self-regulation would have on the effectiveness of humans? In the same way, many businesses are consciously executing critical tasks that take away from the value their teams could have. This impacts the consistency of their processes and the adoption of them as well.

3. Visibility


Visibility is the method used to gauge success. As the word implies, it is the “ability” to “see.” Insight into organizational processes and understanding success and failure are critical for growth in an organization. If you don’t know why you lose, you are doomed to repeat it. Likewise, if you don’t know why you win, you’re unable to repeat it. Proper organizational visibility gives business leaders what they need to steer the organization along the path of future growth. It’s also critical for the iterative nature of the Scalable Business Framework. Visibility is the input back into Process that drives organizational change.

The human body’s sensory system is critical for survival. It’s how we react and adjust to our environment based on input data. Touch a hot stove? Move your hand. Milk smells bad? Don’t drink it. Organizational visibility allows teams to adjust the process, learn from mistakes, and repeat wins.

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The three components of the Scalable Business Framework – Process, Automation, and Visibility – work together iteratively to build a scalable system for growth. A deficit in one of these can impact an organization’s ability to grow near term and in the future. Typically, companies grow into these issues and constant evaluation is needed to adjust and continue their growth trajectory.

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