Salesforce Winter ’23 Release

Fast Slow Motion is excited to announce the Salesforce Winter ’23 Release



  • Dynamic Forms on Accounts, Contacts, and Opportunities.
  • A native data table solution for Screen Flows .
  • Adding the ‘IN’ operator within Flow.
  • Custom Calculated Columns in Forecasting.
  • Unified Task Management tool available directly from Salesforce Utility Items.

Dynamic Forms on Accounts, Contacts, and Opportunities

A favorite functionality for custom objects finally comes to some of the most-used standard objects – Accounts, Contacts, and Opportunities. This will give admins the ability to surface only the most relevant data at the right time, directly on these object’s record pages.


A Native Data Table Solution for Screen Flows

Admins will now have an extra tool in their Screen Flow tool belt – the ability to display record data directly within a configurable Data Table component. End users will have the ability to select one or multiple records from the data table and then actions can be taken on the selected record(s) later in the flow.


Adding the ‘IN’ Operator Within Flow

No more putting SOQL or DML within a flow loop! The ‘IN’ Operator will allow flow builders to identify records from within a collection. This allows for more performant flows that are less-likely to cause processing errors, and helps users adhere to best practices by avoiding SOQL and DML within a loop.


Custom Calculated Columns in Forecasting

Admins now have the ability to define custom calculated columns within their forecasting configuration, allowing for additional flexibility to meet unique business needs. Common uses cases may include best case or commit ratios, or calculating forecasted annual contract value.


Unified Task Management tool available directly from Salesforce Utility Items

Admins have a new tool to add to an app’s utility bar. The To Do List presents a unified view of a user’s assigned Task, and gives them new functionality for managing those tasks, such as custom labels and categorization. This is a new, convenient way to manage Tasks from anywhere in an App.