Salesforce Spring ’24 Release

Fast Slow Motion is excited to announce the Salesforce Spring ’24 Release

The Spring ’24 release features powerful new enhancements in permissions, mobile usage, flows, and more.

Spring '24 Release

Some of Our Favorite Enhancements/Features:

  • Overall – cross-object fields, easier transfer of Lightning Dashboard ownership, and more
  • Permissions – Summary View and User Access Policies
  • Mobile – Dynamic Forms on mobile
  • Flow – Reactive Long Text Areas, Reactive Text Templates, an enhanced Data Table Row Selection feature, and more
  • Sales Cloud – Enhanced account management and visibility, as well as the new Seller Home
  • Einstein Activity Capture – Contact Suggestions and the new integration with the Google Marketplace App
  • Service Cloud – Lightning Editor GA for Email-to-Case and the Omni-Channel Sidebar
  • Experience Cloud – Enhanced CMS Workspaces
  • Scheduler – the new Bulk Reassign feature and Concurrency in Shifts
  • Health Cloud – integrated Care Management, Assessment Enhancements, and more

Salesforce Overall

Cross Object Fields

Quickly display related record fields on primary record pages using Lightning App Builder. This eliminates the need for extra formula fields, allowing for a cleaner layout. Now, directly showcase an account’s phone number on the Opportunity record page, ensuring a more efficient data presentation with the ability to drill down two levels.

Transfer Ownership of Lightning Dashboards

Effortlessly transfer ownership of Lightning Dashboards with the new bulk change feature. Ideal for when team members depart, you can now reassign dashboard ownership to another user in a single action. Navigate to the Dashboards tab or Analytics tab, select Browse, choose the dashboards you wish to reassign, and apply the Change Owner action. This streamlined process supports the reassignment of up to 50 dashboards at once, ensuring a smooth transition and uninterrupted access to crucial analytics.

Easily Update Fields in Lightning Report Filter

Modify Lightning Report Filters with ease, directly updating fields within filters without the need to reconstruct filter logic. Change field, operator, or value on the fly, for instance, switching the Amount field to Probability, streamlining report customizations and adapting quickly to new data analysis requirements. This update bridges the functionality gap between Lightning and Classic, enhancing reporting agility.

Optimize your report’s layout with the ability to rearrange multiple Lightning Report columns simultaneously. Simply select and drag columns to a new location in the report builder for a more efficient data organization, a feature once exclusive to Salesforce Classic now available in Lightning.


Permission Set Summary View

Gain a clear overview of permissions with the new Permission Set Summary View. Admins can now quickly discern the contents of a Permission Set or Permission Set Group with no extra configuration—simply click the ‘View Summary’ button. This feature provides a streamlined experience for admins to better manage access controls.

User Access Policies Open Beta

Streamline user access management with User Access Policies, now in Open Beta. Activate in User Management Settings to auto-apply access upon user creation, update, or mass migration, bypassing manual assignments. This tool introduces a new UI, expanded criteria for group and queue memberships, and picklist-based user record criteria to enhance admin productivity.


Dynamic Forms on Mobile

Dynamic Forms elevates mobile user experiences, mirroring the desktop’s drag-and-drop functionality in the Lightning App Builder for field-level visibility optimization. This enhancement not only quickens page load times but also streamlines the end-user interface, making mobile page configuration more efficient for admins.

Salesforce Flow

Reactivate Long Text Area

Enhance your forms with the Reactive Long Text Area component that dynamically adjusts content based on real-time screen changes. Create responsive text templates for varying case types, streamlining communication and improving user interactions.

Reactive Text Templates

Unify your case management with Reactive Text Templates, enabling the creation of dynamic, scalable Screen Flows without custom formulas. Craft reusable text templates that automatically update based on input changes on the screen, enhancing efficiency and user interaction.

Data Table Row Selections Now Maintained on Search

Elevate your data management efficiency with the enhanced Data Table Row Selection feature. Now, when you search for records, your selections are preserved, eliminating the need to re-select previously chosen items after each search. This seamless experience ensures no loss of selections across record searches, streamlining your workflow.

Input Validation for More Components

Refine your data quality with enhanced Input Validation for a broader range of components. Users can now ensure accurate input for custom and standard components like Name, Address, Data Table, and Email by configuring validation rules that must be met before proceeding, elevating the integrity of data captured and maintained.

Repeaters Beta

Simplify data collection with the new Repeaters feature, now in Beta. This tool enables users to efficiently compile multiple sets of data on the same screen during runtime, removing the need to navigate back and forth or develop custom components. Ideal for adding detailed lists like work and education history or vehicles and drivers to policies, Repeaters enhance user productivity and experience.

Transform Beta

The Transform feature, now in Beta, offers a powerful visual tool for mapping and transforming data, streamlining the way you work with complex data hierarchies. Effortlessly aggregate summaries and integrate multiple data sources, or define static values without complex code, directly within your data journey, enhancing clarity and control over your Salesforce data operations.

Easier Flow Resource Selection

Revolutionize data handling with the Transform feature, now in Beta. Map and transform data across complex hierarchies visually and intuitively. Aggregate and manipulate data using multiple sources without coding, enabling a seamless and optimized data journey.

Save a Draft

Elevate your workflow efficiency with the ‘Save a Draft’ feature, enabling you to save your flow’s progress without finalizing all details. This function supports all elements, except Screens and Actions, allowing you to iteratively build and refine your flow, with warnings to guide you on what needs attention before activation.

Panel Based Elements

Maximize workflow clarity with Panel-Based Elements, enabling you to configure your flow elements without losing sight of the overall canvas. This feature fosters a more intuitive and context-aware building experience, allowing for seamless navigation and editing within the flow.

Identify Flows Using Email Alerts

Optimize your email automation with the new feature to Identify Flows Using Email Alerts. Easily track and manage where specific email alerts are being utilized across your flows, ensuring clarity and control over your communication strategies. This addition aids in understanding the use of email alerts within various automation scenarios without extra configuration.

Sales Cloud

Account Intelligence View

Enhance account management with the Account Intelligence View, which consolidates account activities, opportunities, and case data into a single, comprehensive workspace. This feature is designed to improve productivity for Account Managers and Customer Success Representatives by providing an integrated view of deal progress and relationship health.

Improved Pipeline Inspection UX

Elevate your sales strategy with the Improved Pipeline Inspection UX, featuring a responsive UI that adapts to various screen sizes and a higher record limit for viewing data. This enhancement allows sales teams to inspect more detailed pipeline information, focusing on the data that matters most to drive productivity and close more deals.

Seller Home

Start each day strategically with Seller Home, your comprehensive dashboard for the Sales, Sales Console, and Sales Engagement apps in Salesforce. Automatically set as the default Home page, it provides sales reps a complete overview of their agenda, progress against goals, and pressing tasks, empowering them to make data-driven decisions on where to focus their efforts next.

Einstein Activity Capture

Contact Suggestions

Unlock potential leads with Contact Suggestions, a feature designed to identify and capture new contacts from your email and event interactions. Automatically enabled for EAC users, this tool simplifies the addition of valuable contacts to your CRM, ensuring workflows and activity reports are complete and up-to-date.

Connect Using Google Marketplace App

Streamline your organization’s integration with the Google Marketplace App, enabling org-wide Einstein Activity Capture (EAC) connection to Google. This solution simplifies the process for all potential EAC users by centralizing authentication, enhancing security, and reducing the need for individual user setup. Admins can easily configure this connection through the setup wizard, maintaining control over user sync preferences.

Service Cloud

Lightning Editor GA

Transform your email drafting experience with the Lightning Editor GA for Email-to-Case, featuring an array of new functionalities like an expandable compose area, format painter, and intuitive drag-and-drop for attachments and recipients. This modern editor is designed to enhance efficiency and ease of use for all Email-to-Case customers.

Omni Channel Sidebar

Elevate your agent’s efficiency with the Omni-Channel Sidebar, offering a new agent experience for managing work items. This feature enhances productivity and allows for seamless navigation between tasks, particularly benefiting case workers with Status-Based capacity and sales users handling leads within Standard Apps.

Experience Cloud

Schedule Content to Publish

Enhance your content management strategy with the ability to schedule content for publishing and unpublishing within Enhanced CMS Workspaces. This streamlined process allows you to set specific dates and times for content availability, providing flexibility and control without the need for manual intervention.


Bulk Re-assign Multiple Appointments

Streamline your service operations with the new Bulk Re-assign feature, enabling efficient reassignment of multiple service appointments when a resource becomes unavailable. This out-of-the-box action allows for quick adaptation to staffing changes, ensuring uninterrupted service and optimized resource allocation.

Concurrency in Shifts

Introducing the new feature for efficient scheduling management: Concurrency in Shifts. This multi-book capability allows for simultaneous booking of multiple appointments on specific topics within the same shift. Enhance your service resources’ efficiency and meet customer demand more effectively by configuring concurrent appointments with a defined maximum limit.

Health Cloud

Integrated Care Management

Leverage Enhanced Care Management to develop and sustain comprehensive care plans. This tool aids care managers in crafting personalized care plans with predefined templates and updating them based on internal assessments, streamlining patient care coordination.

Concurrency in Shifts

Advance patient care with Assessment Enhancements in Experience Cloud. These improvements allow authenticated users to administer patient assessments more efficiently, with features like auto-fill for past responses and the ability to save incomplete assessments. Manage and review patient assessments seamlessly, enhancing both healthcare provider efficiency and patient user experience.

Provider Search

Transform your provider lookup experience with the new Provider Search feature. It offers a modern, configurable search interface that allows for extensive customization across search criteria, filters, result display, and more, along with enhanced support for custom field searches. This tool is designed to help clinicians, care managers, and staff efficiently locate and take action on suitable providers, reducing the time and effort required in the search process.

Referral Analytics

Harness the power of Referral Analytics to gain comprehensive insights into your referral cases. This tool provides healthcare professionals with a 360° view, enabling actionable insights to streamline referral processes, enhance the patient experience, and optimize system flow. Easy installation and integration into the Health Cloud’s new Referral Management App make it an efficient solution for Referral Coordinators looking to prioritize care delivery and address process inefficiencies.

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