Salesforce Spring ’20 Release

Fast Slow Motion is excited to announce the Salesforce Spring ’20 Release

Salesforce delivers hundreds of innovative features to you three times a year during their seasonal releases: Spring, Summer, and Winter. With their multitenant, metadata-driven platform, they provide seamless, automatic upgrades with each release, delivered in real time, with no downtime.

At the bottom of this article there is a link to view all of the release updates. For now, let’s take a look at some of our favorite updates in the Salesforce Spring ’20 Release.

Discover innovations across mobile, industry solutions, content management, AI, and more.

  • New Mobile Experience
  • Clone Objects with Related Records
  • Printable View for Lists in Lightning

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Salesforce Spring '20 ReleaseNew Salesforce Mobile App Automatic Upgrade

Run your small business from anywhere. Easily access information you use the most, with a mobile app that reflects the personalized navigation you love in desktop.

Clone Objects with Related Records

You now have the ability to clone a record, but take with it all of the related records. Previously, this has required custom functionality using Apps, Flow or Apex. This opens up a lot of possibilities for users to be even more efficient in Salesforce.

Save Ink and Paper with Printable View for Lists

You don’t have to print your entire screen just to make a hard copy of your list. Generate a condensed, minimalist, ink-saving view of your lists and related lists with Printable View.


A Few More of Our Favorite Updates


High Velocity Sales Enhancements

Sales Cadence Email Branching, Email Scheduling, and Enhanced Reporting

Sales managers can branch sales cadences based on email engagement. Sales reps can schedule email send dates and times. Managers and reps can see more details in High Velocity Sales reports and dashboards.

High Velocity Sales and its features are available for an extra cost. For pricing details, contact your Salesforce account executive. Lightning Dialer is also available for an extra cost as an add-on license.

Task-Queue Assignment

Assign tasks to a queue to share work efficiently. Let sales reps share their workload by setting up queues for tasks. Reps can assign tasks to their shared queues, and then individuals can take ownership of those tasks from the queue’s list view.

Where: This change applies to Lightning Experience in Essentials, Professional, Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer editions.

Why: When reps assign tasks to a queue, those tasks are available to members of the queue, which means everyone can pitch in to help. No more relying on one sales rep to do it all. Now others on the team can lend a hand without waiting for work to be delegated or reassigned.

Einstein Opportunity Scoring


AI is part of the Sales Cloud experience at no extra cost, which means all eligible Sales Cloud users have access to Einstein Opportunity Scoring. Scores help sales reps and managers prioritize opportunities and flag at-risk opportunities so they can close more deals.


Where: This change applies to Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic in Enterprise, Performance, and Unlimited editions.

When: This functionality is available later in the Spring ’20 release.

Who: If your org is eligible, all users with a Salesforce user license can see opportunity scores. However, you can manage user access through the Sales Cloud Einstein For Everyone permission set.

Why: Artificial intelligence is a must-have for sales teams competing in today’s marketplace. Einstein Opportunity Scoring gives each opportunity a score, from 1 to 99, which is available on opportunity records, list views, the forecasts page, and reports.

How: Follow the in-app prompt to get started with Einstein. Or, from the Assisted Setup page in Lightning Experience Setup, click Turn It On. We take care of the rest by creating a scoring model, adding the score field to page layouts, and assigning the permission set to users.

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