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The last release of Salesforce focusing on Lightning Experience was the biggest update to Salesforce in it’s history and the Spring ’16 Release is finally delivering on the features to increase the new interface’s customizability – plus much more. There are many updates and additions to all aspects of the Salesforce platform and here are some features we’re most excited about:

Administration Improvements

You can now customize navigational menus within Lightning!  This allows you to easily access your custom objects and also give different privileges and views to each user.  Previously only supported in Salesforce Classic, you can now use custom links and buttons in Lightning Experience.  This is a really nice addition as many apps and customizations rely heavily on buttons which will allow more customers to switch to Lightning more seamlessly.

New Sales and Marketing Features

Many of the new features allow you to take advantage of the customizations you’ve made to your Salesforce organization within the Lightning Experience.  Lightning now supports importing contacts and leads by uploading .CSV files. You can do everything from status tracking to viewing how campaigns are affecting deals directly in the sales pipeline. Person accounts are now supported in Lightning Experience as well (this is a beta feature).  

Better Productivity

You can expect a boost in your sales rep productivity with this new release. They can easily see important information on their Home screen, including tasks, meetings, and other relevant data on key accounts. It’s also easier and faster to find the information they need by customizing the List Views.

More with Mobile

Your sales reps can go anywhere knowing all the data they need is at their fingertips. With Salesforce1’s Offline for Mobile, they can access, edit, or add info regardless of connectivity. Once they’re back online, the data is synced, making sure Salesforce is always up to date.

These are just a handful of features that come with the Spring ’16 Release. With over 175 features and updates, Salesforce just keeps getting better and better at providing cloud software solutions to businesses in the easiest and most effective way.

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