Salesforce Service Cloud Implementation

It’s a common problem with growing businesses. As you gain more and more customers, you reach a point at which your customer service team struggles to take care of them. It’s not your team’s fault; the information they need is buried in a stack of papers or on a hard drive somewhere. They struggle to quickly and adequately address customer issues, and subsequently their morale and your customer satisfaction both take a hit. The worst part? You don’t know exactly how to fix the situation – the data just isn’t available. 

Salesforce Service Cloud can help, but you’ve got to make sure it’s implemented in a way that solves your pressing problems and empowers you to grow the right way and enjoy the ride. That’s where choosing a business partner with real business experience makes the difference.

We’ve been in your shoes. Our team is rich with executives who have started, grown, and scaled service companies to success. That’s what makes us different. We take time to understand your unique service challenges, and we know how to apply technology the right way to get meaningful results out of your service cloud implementation. 

Service Cloud Quickstart

Our Service Cloud Quickstart program is designed to identify the business processes that will get you the quickest, most impactful wins, and to assist you in driving adoption in your organization. At the end of our four-week quickstart process, your business will have a firm foundation on the Salesforce platform, and you’ll be ready to take the next step in optimization.

Learn more about our Quickstart program

Health Check

Ideal for existing Salesforce customers, Health Checks are a great way to assess whether or not you’re getting maximum return on your Salesforce investment, and to get some great ideas for future enhancements to improve your business and make your life easier. 

Learn more about our Health Check Process

Fast Slow Motion is a Certified Salesforce Consulting Partner. We’ve helped hundreds of small businesses with sales cloud implementation. We’d love to help you as well.

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Customer Stories About Salesforce Service Cloud Implementation

Altus | Salesforce Service Cloud Implementation

“We used these guys to turn up and customize Service Cloud and they were fantastic. Great communication and awesome work. Highly recommended!”

– Chris Murphy


Timescale | Salesforce Service Cloud Implementation

“The team was excellent! Communication, technical skills, collaboration, and the willingness to make sure we were successful was just great. I would recommend to anyone needing assistance.”

– John McAfee


ESI | Salesforce Service Cloud Implementation


“Fast Slow Motion did an exceptional job in the Implementation of Salesforce. Their communication and intentionality to the details and small customizations we wanted to make were top notch. Would recommend them to other companies looking to implement Salesforce within their institution.”

– Connor Walker

Our team of entrepreneurs, growth business operators, and certified Salesforce experts can help your business.