Salesforce is More than Just Sales

Using the Salesforce PlatformMost businesses use Salesforce for sales, but Salesforce is much more than just a CRM. In fact, you can (and should) manage your whole business on the Salesforce platform.

You don’t need to buy different systems to manage different aspects of your business. When it comes to helping you run your business, Salesforce can do it all. Here are a few ways you can use Salesforce as a centralized platform to manage your business.


Pardot, which is owned by and integrated with Salesforce, is a marketing automation tool that enables your business to generate and manage high-quality leads. You can quickly create email marketing campaigns, custom landing pages, and track activity on your website.  Pardot gives you key insights to your marketing activities so you can automatically nurture prospects.  With Pardot, your sales team can focus on the prospects that are interested in buying what your company has to offer rather than wasting time cold calling or bothering non-interested leads.  

Service and Support

Salesforce provides built-in solutions to manage your customer implementation, support, and retention processes – most of these features are included with Sales Cloud so you don’t need to purchase a separate solution. Salesforce is highly customizable so you can implement the post-sales processes to match your business and personalize how you connect with your customers. If you need more functionality, you can customize Salesforce yourself, leverage additional features included in Service Cloud, or install apps from the AppExchange.

Customer Engagement

The Community Cloud helps you improve engagement among customers, employees, and partners. Stakeholders can have access to relevant information, apps, and connections within your community. You can quickly expose information within Salesforce to your customers and partners all built upon the Salesforce platform so you don’t have to worry about data integration, security, or hosting.

The great thing about using one platform is that all your processes and data are in one system. Everyone in your company can get the details they need to make quick and informed decisions.  As your business grows, Salesforce can easily expand with you.  You’ll never outgrow Salesforce and you can add features and functionality at the right time using an iterative, evolutionary implementation approach.