Salesforce CPQ Implementation

The pace of business is accelerating, and customers demand rapid responsiveness. As a result, your old process for quoting is no longer good enough. Slow review and revision cycles, inadequate oversights, and potentially out of date information could be costing you money and putting your business at risk. 

Salesforce CPQ and Billing can bring speed and accuracy back to your quoting process, but without thoughtful, future-thinking implementation, you may not achieve the desired level of intuitiveness and flexibility out of the platform. That’s where we come in. Combining real business expertise with technical know-how, we’ll design a plan for CPQ implementation that’s custom-tailored for your business. One that will be immediately transformative, yet flexible enough to grow as your business expands.

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Health Check

Ideal for existing Salesforce customers, Health Checks are a great way to assess whether or not you’re getting maximum return on your Salesforce investment, and to get some great ideas for future enhancements to improve your business and make your life easier.

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Fast Slow Motion is a Certified Sales Cloud Partner. We’ve helped hundreds of small businesses with sales cloud implementation. We’d love to help you as well.

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Customer Stories About CPQ Implementation


Atlantic Emergency Solutions | Salesforce CPQ Implementation
“FastSlowMotion continues to be an amazing partner as we move forward with integrating Salesforce in our business.”

– Josh Pennington

Our team of entrepreneurs, growth business operators, and certified Salesforce experts can help your business.