Salesforce Communities Implementation


Giving your customers and partners access to the right information empowers them to find their own answers on their own terms, and can do wonders for your customer satisfaction. 


Salesforce Communities can help. We’ve seen first hand how businesses have used this tool to transform their customer experience. We have not only the technical know-how to unleash the potential of Salesforce Communities, but also the real world business expertise necessary to guide an immediately impactful, yet future-thinking Salesforce Communities implementation.


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Health Check


Ideal for existing Salesforce customers, Health Checks are a great way to assess whether or not you’re getting maximum return on your Salesforce investment, and to get some great ideas for future enhancements to improve your business and make your life easier.


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Fast Slow Motion is a Certified Sales Cloud Partner. We’ve helped hundreds of small businesses with sales cloud implementation. We’d love to help you as well.





Customer Stories About Salesforce Communities Implementation



CSL Management | Salesforce Communities Implementation

CSL Management
“FastSlow was a great partner.”
-Woody Ratterman



Enverus | Salesforce Communities Implementation

“We were so impressed with the level of detail, strategic advice and clear, concise communication that we quickly engaged them again on two other projects to identify and simplify our business processes within SFDC.”
– Shila Leos

Our team of entrepreneurs, growth business operators, and certified Salesforce experts can help your business.