Salesforce Capabilities: 3 Things Salesforce Can Do That You Didn’t Know About

3 Things Salesforce Can Do | Salesforce Capabilities

Everyone knows that Salesforce is the go-to solution for the CRM and sales needs of any business, but did you know that Salesforce capabilities can help you do much more? Salesforce is a complete and comprehensive system that can manage your entire business from anywhere using any device.

Here are some business problems Salesforce capabilities can solve that you probably didn’t know about:

1. Manage all your business processes and data.

Salesforce can do virtually anything from accounting to HR. Apps like FinancialForce, Accounting Seed, and Sage all work directly within Salesforce.  Using QuickBooks and don’t want to switch? No problem, easily integrate Salesforce with QuickBooks using one of the many QuickBooks apps. You don’t have to use multiple software systems – you can do it all within Salesforce.

Similarly, you don’t need another system to manage customer service and account management. Most of the features to run your entire business come with both Sales and Service Cloud. For other business processes like HR and Project Management, Salesforce’s AppExchange has many available apps to make Salesforce a one-stop shop for running your business. Don’t’ want to pay for another app? No problem, you can easily customize Salesforce (with little or no software development) to manage all aspects of your business.

2. Build mobile apps and websites.

Build your company website and mobile web apps using sites. Once again, sites is available at no added cost with Sales Cloud and Service Cloud. With your site hosted within Salesforce, you don’t have to worry about hosting, servers, security, application maintenance, or downtime issues. As Salesforce also serves as your database, you don’t have to worry about data integration. You can work directly with existing objects and see changes to your data applied seamlessly. You can also build customer and partner portals using Salesforce Communities, which instantly creates a portal for your customers and partners all on top of the Salesforce platform. 

3. Automate business processes easily with no coding.

Using the built-in Process Builder, you can create workflows to automate business processes quickly and easily. You no longer have to waste time doing repetitive work manually. The Process Builder also has a user-friendly interface, providing you with graphical representations of the processes you’re creating without having to write a single line of code. You can build complex, automated processes in minutes with a few mouse clicks.

Salesforce has improved the way businesses manage sales, but it has also changed how businesses can run their entire company. Using Salesforce, you and your team don’t need to worry about finding and building multiple systems to run the business. Instead, you can do it all in one place so you don’t have to worry about data integration and maintaining multiple systems.