Project Story: Driving Repeat Sales With a Dynamic Winback Campaign


An international consumer goods company needed to level up its winback campaign. The client wanted to create a post-purchase email campaign tailored to each customer, but they needed help creating an automated program that would meet their needs.


In order to create this winback campaign for the client, Fast Slow Motion first set up an integration between the client’s commerce platform and Salesforce. Through this integration, data on customers, their orders, and the individual products contained within their orders, is pulled into Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

We then created segments within Marketing Cloud to isolate customers who qualify for a re-stock reminder email. In this case, the client wanted to target previous customers who had not made a purchase in the last 30 days.

Next, we created a query that adds qualifying customers to an entry event. The entry event is automated to update every day, and customers that are newly added to the event are added to a post-purchase Journey. Once customers are added to the Journey, those who have an existing subscription are dynamically suppressed, so that they don’t receive conflicting marketing messages.

Finally, we added automation to determine the most appropriate time to send emails to individual customers. We created the post-purchase email that the customers receive using data from the e-commerce integration.

The first section of the email dynamically renders a recap of which products the customer previously ordered, complete with images and details for each item. We configured the second section to dynamically render a list of suggested products based on waterfall predictions within Einstein Recommendations. The resulting email is beautifully tailored to the customer’s interests, with content that’s based on their order history and shopping behaviors.


Now our client has a powerful post-purchase campaign that drives sales with content that’s tailored to their customers and designed to reach them at just the right time.

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