Investment Advisory

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Investment Advisory

Project Story: Creating a Comprehensive Data Management Solution for an Investment Advisory


A professionally managed hybrid investment advisor needed to standardize operations for their offices across the country, including:

  • The ability to consolidate and standardize management of client financial data for their existing independent financial advisors.
  • An efficient way to onboard new advisors and their data.
  • The ability to integrate Salesforce with their financial transactions system (Orion).


Fast Slow Motion helped the client create a comprehensive solution by:

  • Customizing Salesforce and creating a sharing model to ensure sensitive data was displayed to the correct users.
  • Developing a data loading process for importing thousands of records when an advisor joins the company.
  • Developing custom process builders and flows to ensure the Orion API plugin moved data between the two systems correctly.


Since the completion of Fast Slow Motion’s consulting engagement, the client has been able to:

  • Effectively and efficiently manage client financial data for dozens of financial advisors in offices across the country.
  • Reduce the onboarding process for new advisors from months to weeks, allowing them to serve their clients faster and better.
  • Ensure that data in Salesforce and Orion is in sync and up to date.