Introducing FSM Rewards

Introducing FSM Rewards, the new program from Fast Slow Motion to help you close more deals and close them faster.

Introducing FSM Rewards – the new program from Fast Slow Motion to help you close more deals, and close them faster.

It works like this: every time we win a deal together, FSM will award you discount credits in the amount of 5% of our implementation SOW.

So, if we win a deal where the implementation SOW is $10,000, you receive $500 worth of discount credits!

For simplicity’s sake, let’s say the implementation scope works out to $10,000 again for the next deal you bring us. You can choose to apply your $500 worth of discount credits and effectively lower the cost to your prospect to $9,500. Alternatively, you can choose to bank your credits instead, resulting in a balance of $1,000 credits if we win the deal!

Credits are available immediately and are valid for 365 days after our scope is signed.

Use your discount credits to effectively lower implementation costs for your key targets and deals, Bank your credits and deploy them strategically to meet your goals. Re-engage some past prospects in your patch!

As long as FSM is the first partner on the deal, there are no limits on earning discount credits, and no restrictions on the types of deals you can apply credits to. They are your discount credits. You earned them, and you get to use them as you see fit.

At FSM, we want to do what it takes to help you win. For those who we’ve already won deals with this year, you’ve got discount credits in the bank! To check your FSM Rewards credits balance, check in with your FSM Partner Relationship Manager.

FSM Rewards from Fast Slow Motion. Let’s go win some deals!