The Importance of Implementing Practical Processes

Josh Andrews, founder of Legal to English, recently interviewed John Burdett, founder of Fast Slow Motion, about the importance of building businesses based upon practical processes and procedures.  

The interview covers:

  • How you can’t build the perfect product and you can’t just sell anything, but you need to meet somewhere in the middle.
  • Building business processes to make you successful.
  • How dangerous it is to scale without business processes in place.
  • Simply purchasing technology can’t solve the underlying problem of a bad processes.
  • Building practical  business processes. You can’t have a perfect process, but you need to have one that works.
  • Understanding what is good enough to take it to the next level.
  • How to get started implementing processes. Starting with your sales process.

…and more.

Listen to the interview: John Burdett on Practical Business Processes