How to Turn Your Idea Into a Business – Part 1 | Ep 009

Tune into Episode 009 of the Fast Slow Motion Podcast, where President and CEO John Burdett delves into the myths and realities of transforming an idea into a thriving business. With candid insights, John discusses the importance of execution, intentionality, focus, and discipline over mere ideas, revealing how top businesses refine existing concepts rather than invent new ones.

Learn actionable steps to not just dream, but do—turning entrepreneurial visions into successful enterprises. This episode strips back the glamour of entrepreneurship to focus on the hard work and strategic planning that truly drives success.

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In This Episode:

  • 00:01:36:06 – Exploring the initial steps in transforming an idea into a successful business.
  • 00:02:35:04 – Differentiating between good ideas and viable business opportunities.
  • 00:03:12:12 – The importance of innovation over invention in business success.
  • 00:04:15:22 – Advice on how to choose the right business idea that aligns with personal passion.
  • 00:05:11:06 – The challenges of entering competitive markets and the importance of distinguishing your business.
  • 00:06:23:00 – Discussion on the significance of a unique value proposition and market perception.
  • 00:07:50:03 – Understanding market size and competition when choosing a business focus.
  • 00:09:18:12 – Balancing market opportunities and the risks of niche markets.
  • 00:10:49:02 – Strategies for identifying and adapting to market saturation and competition.
  • 00:12:13:17 – Insights into the foundational reasons and personal motivations behind starting Fast Slow Motion.
  • 00:14:57:03 – Practical steps for cautiously transitioning from an idea to starting a business without excessive risks.

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