Venture Capital

CRM Specifically Built for Venture Capital Dealmakers

Venture-CapitalSalesforce out of the box may not be the best fit for dealmakers and principal investing professionals. That’s why Fast Slow Motion offers a custom approach tailored specifically for venture capital (VC) firms. Our solution comes packaged with everything you need to seamlessly implement Salesforce, while also providing the flexibility of customization to meet your evolving needs, because no two firms are the same. With our expert implementation services, you can elevate your deals with flawless execution and add companies to your portfolio without missing a beat.

We Understand Your Business

Fast Slow Motion offers a customized approach that addresses every aspect of the deal cycle. Our approach tackles your key business processes and pain points, and provides a clear solution and customization plan for the differing realities of each unique firm. Solutions include detailed reports and dashboards, managing prospecting, deal cycles, ongoing relationships with clients, research analysis, and more. We understand the businesses of venture capital (VC) firms, and we can equip you with a platform that enhances your institutional knowledge, offers a single source of truth for scalability and growth, and gives you the gift of time.

Connect on a Deeper Level

Our approach helps dealmakers form deeper connections with prospects and investors by managing relationship data, tracking interactions, and keeping key information up-to-date. By providing all the necessary information at your fingertips, our solution helps build stronger, more personalized relationships with your contacts, helping you stay ahead of the game.

Streamline Research and Assessment Processes

Our approach lessens the load for dealmakers by simplifying the research and assessment process when evaluating prospects that align with the firm’s profile. With the ability to track prospect information, interests, and past investments, you can easily assess whether they meet your firm’s goals and objectives, and quickly determine if they are a good fit.

Profile With Clarity

Our approach simplifies the process of creating comprehensive profiles for a variety of prospects, clients, and investors. With the ability to collect data through meetings and other interactions, you can use that information to follow up and create a more personalized approach to each relationship, ultimately improving the chances of closing deals.

Close the Deal

Our approach streamlines the closing process for dealmakers, allowing for efficient management of all necessary documents, communication, and tasks involved in closing a deal. With our solution, you can ensure that nothing falls through the cracks and that the process runs smoothly from start to finish.

Manage the Relationship

After closing a deal, our approach helps dealmakers in managing their ongoing relationships with clients, investors, and partners. Our solution provides you with the ability to track all interactions, set reminders for automated and personalized follow-ups, manage any necessary tasks or projects, and ensure long-lasting relationships with your contacts.

Much More Than a CRM

Fast Slow Motion’s unique approach to Salesforce provides venture capital (VC) firms with a customized CRM designed for your unique business, clients, and deal cycles. Our solution gives you control over all aspects of your business, making it easier for your team to focus on higher-value tasks and achieve more in less time.

Client Story: Helping a PE Firm Create Accurate Revenue Predictions


A private equity (PE) firm struggled with accurately predicting the year-over-year value of each opportunity, and lacked a solution to facilitate revenue calculations for complex opportunities. Additionally, they needed a streamlined process for the handoff from business development representatives (BDRs) to directors, and wanted to establish repeatable and standardized processes to facilitate significant company growth.


Fast Slow Motion provided a solution that enabled the PE firm to predict the year-over-year value of each opportunity, empowering them to make informed decisions regarding revenue forecasting. We also streamlined the handoff process from BDRs to directors, ensuring a smooth transition when prospects expressed interest. Furthermore, our solution enhanced the firm’s repeatable and standardized processes, maximizing their growth opportunities.


Our solution built on Salesforce offers:

  • Accurate revenue prediction: Accurate predictions on the year-over-year value of each opportunity, providing valuable insights for revenue forecasting and informed decision-making.
  • Streamlined handoff process: Optimized handoff from BDRs to directors, ensuring a seamless transition for interested prospects while improving efficiency.
  • Scalable growth: Repeatable and standardized processes allowing the firm to achieve significant company growth, positioning them as an exemplary portfolio company within their private equity firm.

Fast Slow Motion’s tailored solution provided the PE firm with a robust platform customized to their specific needs. By accurately predicting opportunity value, streamlining the handoff process, and facilitating scalable growth through standardized processes, they were able to experience exponential grow.

Client Story: Helping a PE Firm Mitigate Discrepancies Through a Single Source of Truth


A private equity (PE) firm faced challenges with data discrepancies and user inefficiencies. Working across multiple systems hindered their ability to have a single source of truth. They also required a solution to effectively manage their end-to-end recruitment process, tracking potential candidates from universities to eventual hiring. 


Fast Slow Motion provided a comprehensive solution to address the PE firm’s challenges. We implemented a centralized point of truth, enabling them to track the entire prospect lifecycle seamlessly. Additionally, we integrated a custom solution within a recruitment platform to capture data and facilitate effective nurturing of candidates throughout their journey. To enhance efficiency, we developed customized reports, dashboards, and automation for internal users.


Our solution built on Salesforce offers:

  • Centralized prospect lifecycle: A single source of truth for tracking potential recruits throughout the candidate life cycle, streamlining the recruitment process, and ensuring a seamless experience for both the firm and candidates.
  • Enhanced data management: Improved data accuracy and consistency, reducing data discrepancies and improving overall data quality.
  • Improved efficiency: Custom automation and streamlined workflows that increase efficiency for internal users, saving time and enhancing productivity.

Our solution empowered the PE firm to overcome data discrepancies, improve user efficiency, and streamline their recruitment process. By leveraging a centralized point of truth, improved data management, and automation, the firm achieved heightened operational effectiveness and optimized recruitment outcomes.

Client Story: Helping a PE Firm Create Adaptability Through Customizations


A private equity (PE) firm faced challenges with their existing point solution platform, which lacked the flexibility to evolve through customizations. Additionally, their reporting capabilities were limited, hindering data-driven decision-making. They needed a scalable CRM to effectively manage deals, contacts, vendors, and acquisitions.


Fast Slow Motion provided a transformative solution by developing a customized CRM on Salesforce. This solution allowed for continued customizations, empowering the firm to adapt the platform to their evolving business needs. Enhanced reporting functionality provided comprehensive insights, enabling informed decision-making, and providing the c-level team with capabilities needed to monitor performance.


Our solution built on Salesforce offers:

  • Continued customizations: The ability to adapt the platform as the business evolves, ensuring long-term scalability.
  • Enhanced reporting: Comprehensive and customizable reporting capabilities that enable data-driven decision-making and improved performance.
  • Centralized management: A single source of truth for managing deals, contacts, vendors, and acquisitions, which help streamline operations and enhance efficiency.

Our solution empowered the client to overcome the limitations of their existing platform and achieve a scalable and customizable solution for their business. By leveraging our solution built on Salesforce, we ensured enhanced reporting capabilities with increased accuracy and visibility throughout the firm. This private equity (PE) transformation demonstrates the value of Fast Slow Motion’s expertise in delivering tailored solutions to private market firms that drive efficiency, informed decision-making, and operational excellence.


With our Salesforce-based solution, you’ll have the tools and flexibility to optimize your business processes, forge deeper connections, and achieve more in less time. Elevate your deal-making game and take control of your success. Connect with us today and revolutionize your deal lifecycle.