Fast Forward: Summer 2024 Edition

Greg Sheek

Quarterly, FSM compiles data and research from interviews with our clients, consultants, and our extensive network of industry experts to identify sales opportunities for our partners who sell B2B. We call it Fast Forward.

As the summer sun heats up, we’re excited to bring you the latest quarterly edition of Fast Forward! Dive into this season’s edition for all the essentials to succeed this summer and seal more deals. Discover insights on uncovering B2B opportunities, learn about our newest Quickstart packages, and gain valuable business growth tips your prospects can use in our brand-new podcast!

In this edition:

  • Summertime, and the livin’ is easy: Our bets for where to find opportunities this season.
  • Valuable intel: Check out our podcast episode on what businesses should know about A.I.
  • Ready, set, go: 6 new Quickstart packages for streamlined solutions tailored for your prospects.
  • No delays, just applause: Why AEs love working with us.


Smart home market

The global smart home market, valued at approximately $80.21 billion in 2022, is forecast to soar to $338.28 billion by 2030, achieving a CAGR of 20.1%. This robust growth is driven by an increase in internet users, rising disposable incomes in developing countries, and a heightened focus on energy efficiency and reduced carbon emissions. Smart homes, equipped with devices for smart lighting, home security, smart appliances, and entertainment systems, facilitate enhanced home monitoring even in remote areas. This integration of technology into daily living underscores the market’s rapid expansion as more consumers adopt smart home solutions.

  • Learn more about the smart home market.
  • Use this angle: Focus on how Salesforce can elevate the smart home industry by enhancing customer engagement and streamlining operations. Salesforce’s robust CRM system enables companies to understand consumer preferences and usage patterns, tailoring marketing strategies for smart home products effectively. With Salesforce’s analytics, businesses can optimize their offerings, ensuring timely updates and support for devices, thus improving customer satisfaction and driving loyalty in this rapidly growing market.

Travel insurance

The U.S. travel insurance market is currently valued at approximately $4.79 billion and is projected to surge to $21.15 billion by 2032, growing at a CAGR of 18.14%. This growth is fueled by Americans’ increasing demand for financial and medical protection while traveling, especially internationally. With travel uncertainties like illness and natural disasters impacting trips, nearly half of Americans express heightened travel concerns, yet continue to plan an average of 2.4 domestic trips annually. The expanding coverage reflects the growing need for security, with sales rising by nearly 15% and over 148 million Americans now protected by travel insurance. Safety concerns now take precedence over health when choosing international destinations, highlighting a shift in priorities among travelers.

  • Learn more about the travel insurance market.
  • Use this angle: Focus on how Salesforce can optimize the travel insurance industry by enhancing customer relationship management. Salesforce’s analytics enable insurers to tailor offerings precisely to traveler needs and preferences, improving policy customization and customer satisfaction. Automated marketing tools also allow for targeted outreach, ensuring that travelers receive timely and relevant insurance options that enhance their sense of security during travel.

Pet food delivery

The U.S. pet food delivery industry is mirroring the personalization and convenience trends seen in human food services, with significant growth anticipated. In recent years, subscription and gourmet pet food have represented 16% of total pet food sales. Household spending on pets is projected to increase annually, driving demand for services like same-day delivery of fresh pet meals. Direct-to-consumer sales are thriving, bolstered by an increase in pet ownership and a growing preference for specialized pet diets. The sector is expected to see robust growth, with the personalized pet food delivery market projected to expand significantly by the end of the decade.

  • Learn more about the pet food delivery market.
  • Use this angle: Focus on how Salesforce can streamline operations for businesses in the pet food delivery industry. By utilizing Salesforce’s CRM capabilities, companies can better understand and meet customer preferences, optimizing supply chain efficiency and enhancing marketing efforts. Salesforce’s tools enable targeted promotions and efficient management of customer relationships, essential for growth in this rapidly expanding sector.

Concierge medicine

The U.S. concierge medicine market was valued at $6.7 billion in 2023 and is forecast to expand at a CAGR of 10.37% through 2030. Concierge medicine is a healthcare model where patients pay a retainer fee for enhanced access to their doctors, encompassing services like office visits, 24/7 physician access, lab tests, house calls, and care while traveling. This model is characterized by shorter wait times and higher physician compensation and satisfaction, contributing to its growth. Additionally, the increasing elderly population and rising demand for personalized healthcare services are expected to further propel the market’s expansion.

  • Learn more about why personalized medicine is emerging as a business trend.
  • Use this angle: Focus on how Salesforce can transform the concierge medicine industry by enhancing patient management and optimizing operational efficiency. With advanced CRM tools, Salesforce offers personalized patient interactions and seamless integration of medical records, enabling practitioners to provide top-tier, individualized care. It also facilitates better communication and coordination within care teams, ensuring that patient needs are promptly addressed. Moreover, Salesforce’s analytics provide deep insights into patient engagement and health outcomes, empowering practices to continually improve their services and patient satisfaction.



We recently launched The Fast Slow Motion Podcast, and the episodes include a ton of practical advice and real-world wisdom for your prospects on how to build a business they love while enjoying their life. Check out one of our recent episodes, “Give Your Business and Edge With A.I.,” for some timely tips on how businesses can make use of A.I.

You can find all the episodes, as well as links to the podcast on your favorite podcasting platform, at


We’re rolling out new Quickstart packages focused on Slack for Sales Cloud, Slack for Service Cloud, Salesforce Pro Suite, Marketing Cloud Growth, Field Service, and CPQ to help you provide a streamlined and strategic solution to your network of prospects. These packages are structured to assist in foundational setups and process configurations, aiming to fast-track user adoption and competency in essential Salesforce functionalities. They are specifically designed to meet the immediate needs of businesses, empowering you to deliver results and value to our clients efficiently.

Slack for Sales Cloud Quickstart

  • Timeline: 3 weeks
  • Budget: $3,500

Slack for Service Cloud Quickstart

  • Timeline: 3 weeks
  • Budget: $3,500

Salesforce Pro Suite Quickstart

  • Timeline: 4 weeks
  • Budget: $5,000

Marketing Cloud Growth Quickstart

  • Timeline: 4 weeks
  • Budget: $7,000

Field Service Quickstart

  • Timeline: 10 weeks
  • Budget: $24,500

CPQ Quickstart

  • Timeline: 10 weeks
  • Budget: $24,500


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