Fast Forward: May 2022 Edition – HLS

Greg Sheek, FSM Partner Relationship Manager
Greg Sheek, FSM Partner Relationship Manager

Monthly, FSM compiles data and research from interviews with our clients, consultants, and our extensive network of industry experts to identify sales opportunities for our partners at Salesforce. We call it “Fast Forward.” Please sign up below if you’d like to get this info delivered via email.

Hey, hey – it’s May, which means it’s time for the latest edition of Fast Forward! We’ve got everything you need to make it a great month, including where to find opportunities, crucial info for your next sales call with B2B prospects, and more!

In this edition:

  • Weird science: Where to look for opportunities this month.
  • Got a moment? What your B2B prospects need to understand about sales and marketing.
  • Humblebrag: The rundown of new logos signed, industries served, and Salesforce products wrangled by FSM in the last month.


Plant growing from a device as hands type on a connected keyboard.

Synthetic biology

The synthetic biology market is valued at more than $8.88 billion and is forecast to have a compound annual growth rate of 20.8% through 2027. Synthetic biology is shaking up a variety of industries from biopharma to fashion, and companies in this sector will be growing.

Specialty pharmacy

There are more than 1,200 pharmacies in the U.S. that are accredited as specialty pharmacies. As the nation’s population ages and the percentage of Americans with chronic conditions continues to increase, the need for the complex therapies provided by specialty pharmacies will only grow.

Electronic data capture

Back in the March edition of Fast Forward we mentioned the shift towards decentralized clinical trials vs. more traditional clinical trials. This trend will only accelerate the need for electronic data capture (EDC), and the global market for this technology is expected to grow at a CAGR of 7.3% to $1.3 billion by 2028. Companies that offer electronic data capture technology and/or services will be in high demand.

Recently funded

A recent survey found that 66% of investors feel that biotech will outperform the broader market in 2022. Check out this list of recently funded biotech companies that will be looking to grow.



Hey, a moment of your time?

Need a moment?

From Harvard Business Review:

“Any given [B2B] sales team [has] a vanishingly small window of opportunity to interact directly with that customer — perhaps 5% or 6% of total buying time if they are lucky.”

A much more meaningful percentage of buying time is spent gathering information elsewhere. Read the full HBR article to learn how your B2B clients can adapt and get the right information in front of prospects where and when they need it (hint, hint – Salesforce can help with that).


I don't like to brag...

In the last month alone, Fast Slow Motion closed 18 new HLS, FINS, RCG, and Core logos, and helped new and existing Core, FINS, HLS, MFG, and RCG clients implement and enhance Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Digital Engagement, Health Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Experience Cloud, Pardot, FSL, and more.

Looking for a partner who understands your clients and how Salesforce can help them grow? Reach out to me via email or add me on Slack ( – we’d love to help you close your next deal.

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