Fast Forward: June 2023 Edition – HLS

Greg Sheek

Monthly, FSM compiles data and research from interviews with our clients, consultants, and our extensive network of industry experts to identify sales opportunities for our partners who sell B2B. We call it “Fast Forward.” Please sign up below if you’d like to get this info delivered via email.

As the year hits its stride and we welcome the energizing spirit of summer, it’s time to gear up for a month of game-changing insights and strategies with Fast Forward. This June edition is packed with powerful recommendations and a peek into what’s new at Fast Slow Motion, all designed to keep you ahead of the curve. So buckle up, embrace the summer vibe, and let’s make June sizzle with success!

In this edition:

  • Disrupting discomfort: Our big bet for the month.
  • Certified power boost: We’re leveling up.
  • On a roll: The rundown of new logos signed and clients and industries served.
  • Makin’ it rain: Win more deals with FSM Rewards.


Rescue me from myself.

Pain management devices

The pain management devices market is advancing rapidly, bringing innovative tech solutions to chronic and acute pain management. From transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulators (TENS) to spinal cord stimulators, these devices provide non-invasive alternatives to medication. The market is expected to register a CAGR of 9.3% during the 2022-2030 forecast period, largely driven by a global rise in chronic pain cases and the demand for effective pain management solutions.


Certified power boost.

We’re always evolving at Fast Slow Motion, and this month is no different. We’re now Consumer Goods Cloud Accredited! Our team has been hard at work expanding their skills and knowledge, and we’re excited to bring our enhanced skillset to every project we undertake.



A panda rolling down a heel.

On a roll

In the last month alone, Fast Slow Motion closed 14 new clients in the general, consumer products and retail, and healthcare and life sciences spaces, and we’ve been busy helping more than 166 new and existing clients in a wide variety of industries implement and enhance CRM solutions.

No matter what product or service your client provides and no matter what their technology needs are, we’ve got the expertise they need to make the most of their CRM solution and grow their business. Reach out to me via email or add me on Slack [] – we’d love to partner with you and help close your next deal.


Makin' it rain.

FSM Rewards is a new program from Fast Slow Motion created to help our partners close more deals, and close them faster.

You’ll earn points you can use to bring down your prospect’s implementation costs. Yep, you heard it right! Contact us to learn more.

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