Fast Forward: July 2023 Edition – RCG

Deanna Hall, FSM Partner Relationship Manager
Deanna Hall, FSM Partner Relationship Manager

Monthly, FSM compiles data and research from interviews with our clients, consultants, and our extensive network of industry experts to identify sales opportunities for our partners who sell B2B. We call it “Fast Forward.” Please sign up below if you’d like to get this info delivered via email.

July is here, and we’ve got the goods to keep you icy cool under pressure as we head into the heat of summer and the end of Q2. Check out this month’s edition of Fast Forward for our big bet on where to find deals, some timely sales wisdom for that recent “Closed Lost” opportunity, and the latest on what Fast Slow Motion has been up to.

In this edition:

  • Skincare routine: Our big bet for the month.
  • You either win or you learn: Sales wisdom for turning those L’s into W’s.
  • Trust us, we’re experts: Fast Slow Motion is now Consumer Goods Cloud Accredited.
  • Get on board: The rundown of what we’ve been up to at FSM in the last month.
  • We can be heroes: Be the MVP with FSM Rewards.


Sensitive skin products

According to a 2022 study by Aveeno, more than 71% of individuals have sensitive skin, and the number of people who self-identify as having sensitive skin has increased by 55% over the past couple of decades. These factors, along with a growing awareness among consumers about skin conditions and treatment, are expected to help double the U.S. market for these products from its current value of $7 billion to more than $14 billion by 2030. Many businesses that manufacture and sell sensitive skin care products are thriving and are well-positioned for continued growth.


You either win or you learn. What you learn from a lost deal can set you up for success with the next opportunity. Check out this piece of sales wisdom to learn how to turn a loss into your next win.


In case you missed it, Fast Slow Motion is now Consumer Goods Cloud Accredited! Our team has been hard at work expanding their skills and knowledge, and we’re excited to bring our enhanced skillset to every project we undertake for our RCG customers and beyond.



Get on board

In June, we received more than 120 referrals from our partners—another new record! We also helped more than 170 clients implement and enhance their CRM solutions.

No matter what product or service your client provides and no matter what their technology needs are, we’ve got the expertise they need to make the most of their CRM solution and grow their business. Reach out to me via email or add me on Slack [] – we’d love to partner with you and help close your next deal.


We can be heroes

FSM Rewards is a new program from Fast Slow Motion created to help Salesforce Account Executives close more deals, and close them faster.

This month, Phillip Blecher from the Denver office closed a deal using FSM Rewards and was able to lock down almost $16k in ACV. Now, it’s your turn to be the hero (for your prospects and your manager).

You’ll earn points you can use to bring down your prospect’s implementation costs. Yep, you heard it right! Contact me directly to learn more.

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