Fast Forward: July 2022 Edition – HLS

Greg Sheek, FSM Partner Relationship Manager
Greg Sheek, FSM Partner Relationship Manager

Monthly, FSM compiles data and research from interviews with our clients, consultants, and our extensive network of industry experts to identify sales opportunities for our partners at Salesforce. We call it “Fast Forward.” Please sign up below if you’d like to get this info delivered via email.

It’s midsummer and the end of Q2 is in sight, but don’t worry—we’ve got everything you need to stay cool under pressure. Check out this month’s edition of Fast Forward for the latest tips on where to find opportunities, some wisdom on asking for discounts, and more.

In this edition:

  • Get hip: Where to look for opportunities this month.
  • Let’s make a deal: Why a discount gets you less than you bargained for.
  • Simply the best: The rundown of new logos signed, industries served, and Salesforce products wrangled by FSM in the last month.


I'll get that new hip I've been hankerin' for.

Orthopedic device companies

As elective surgeries are growing in demand post-pandemic, orthopedic device companies are seeing ample growth as a byproduct. The market is expected to hit $57.7 billion by 2030 at a CAGR of 5.1% between 2022-2030.

  • Learn more about the orthopedic device market and specific trends to watch in 2022.
  • Use this angle: Focus on how Salesforce can help orthopedic device manufacturers maximize efficiencies in the sales process and effectively engage customers in the post-pandemic healthcare environment.

Digital front door solutions

A digital front door is a way to provide an enriching customer experience. In the realm of healthcare, digital front doors are a virtual means by which patients engage with healthcare providers. Solutions can range from self-scheduling, patient portals, virtual check-ins, and even online payment processes. As the uptick in virtual services continues to grow, digital front door solutions will increase as a necessary aspect in healthcare.


Nutraceuticals are products derived from food sources that provide both nutrition and medicinal benefits, and may also be called functional foods, medical foods, designer foods, phytochemicals, or nutritional supplements. The U.S. nutraceuticals market is forecast to grow at a CAGR of 6.1% over the next five years, reaching $118.73 billion by 2027.

Recently funded

Check out this list of healthcare companies that were recently funded and will be looking to capitalize on their recent infusion of cash.


A bargain at any price

When it comes to a vendor asking a consulting partner for discounts for their mutual clients, the discount usually isn’t beneficial for any of the parties involved. Check out the video above for more on why focusing on value is a better strategy for everybody.


Simply the Best

In the last month alone, Fast Slow Motion closed 12 new HLS, FINS, RCG, MFG, and Core logos, and helped new and existing clients implement and enhance Health Cloud, Sales Cloud, CPQ, Service Cloud, FSL, Marketing Cloud, Pardot, Financial Services Cloud, Experience Cloud, and more.

Looking for a partner who understands your clients? FSM is Health Cloud Accredited and ready to help your healthcare clients harness the full power of Salesforce. Reach out to me via email or add me on Slack ( – we’d love to help you close your next deal.

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