Fast Forward: December 2021 Edition – General Business

Todd Coder, FSM Partner Relationship Manager
Todd Coder, FSM Partner Relationship Manager

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We also have tools to help you get prospects to the finish line, and of course, recommendations on where to find opportunities, including tips on fast-growing and recently-funded companies to keep your sales momentum going through Q4. Read on for the December edition of Fast Forward!


  • Artificial intelligence. In Q3 of 2021, investors poured $17.9 billion into artificial intelligence (AI) startups, with record deal volume. The opportunity for providers of AI solutions in the U.S. is big and getting bigger, with a growing wave of companies that will outsource these solutions rather than develop them in-house.
    • Learn and prepare more here, here, and here.
    • Use this angle: Focus on how the Salesforce platform can help them connect with prospects and communicate the value of their offering in their specific industry, and scale with them as they grow.
  • Broadband internet. As a result of the new infrastructure plan, $65 billion is being allocated to improve the nation’s broadband internet access. The significant funding increase creates an opportunity for internet providers to expand their reach by upgrading to Salesforce.
    • Learn and prepare more here and here.
    • Use this angle: With an increase in funding comes inevitable growth. Focus on how Salesforce can provide the ultimate resource for scaling the right way with a platform that won’t be outgrown.
  • SaaS. The SaaS market continues to thrive as it increases an average of 18% per year. Additionally, recent statistics predict that 99% of organizations will be using one or more SaaS products by the end of 2021.
    • Learn and prepare more here and here.
    • Use this angle: As the software industry continues to advance, SaaS companies need to utilize a system that’s as intelligent as the software they’re providing. A “cloud for cloud” approach provides the SaaS industry with a powerful tool that will enable continued growth.
    • Been there, done that. Check out our recent project story video to learn how we helped a B2B SaaS company optimize their case response process.
  • Recycling. The recycling market isn’t based purely on environmental trends, but is a commodity business that meets roughly 40% of the world’s raw-material needs. Additionally, the industry is composed of roughly 56,000 establishments and generates over $236 billion in revenue each year.
    • Learn and prepare more here, here, and here.
    • Use this angle: Focus on how Salesforce can provide a foundation for creating improved business processes, enhanced lead management, and even inventory and field-service tracking.
  • Seeing green. The cannabis space is (ahem) on fire right now. Check out this list of the 200 fastest-growing cannabis companies to find some possible opportunities in your patch.
  • Recently funded. Cybersecurity, big data, and machine learning companies have all recently reported new rounds of funding. Check out this list of recently funded tech companies that will be looking to grow.

Sales tools:

  • Scalin’ up is hard to do. Have a prospect with growing pains? Invite them to our upcoming webinar, “Advice from an Entrepreneur – How to Scale Your Business Using Salesforce,” where they’ll hear from FSM CEO John Burdett about how he’s built and scaled multiple businesses, why he chose the Salesforce platform to build his own business, and how Salesforce can help them reach the next level in their business, too. Register here.
  • How did we get here? If you have a prospect that’s found themselves buried under a bunch of disconnected technology solutions, their dysfunctional tech stack will ultimately throttle their growth. Check out and feel free to share our recent blog, “Is Your Tech Stack Holding You Back?” which offers a perspective that your prospects may not have considered.
  • Just what you were looking for. Do you need an example of a specific use case for a Salesforce product or type of business? Check out the project stories (and tons of other resources) in our AE Resource Hub, built just for you! We are adding new material all the time!

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