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Electrical Contractor


The sales team of Gaylor Electric had identified the need for a custom process for grading and rating their opportunities. Their existing scoring system did not allow them to score opportunities based on field values, and admins were unable to easily update scoring criteria.


To bring Gaylor Electric’s concept for a customer scorecard to life, Fast Slow Motion created a custom scorecard calculation object containing the field label, value or range, and the score awarded.

Values within the calculation object are stored within attributes and contain the field, value, and the score awarded to that value.

Ranges within the calculation object contain the field, start and end of range, and the score awarded to that range. Gaylor Electric wanted to easily update scoring criteria daily, so they update that data in an external database and use an integration to feed that data into Salesforce.

We then updated the Opportunity page layout to include a scorecard section that contains all the relevant fields for scoring opportunities.

We also created validation rules which require that all of the scorecard fields are filled out in order to move an opportunity to the qualification stage.

In order to simplify the process of updating scoring criteria, we display the related scoring criteria next to each scorecard field. Admins can easily update the scoring criteria fields, while these fields are locked for standard users.

We then created a flow that triggers whenever a user saves an opportunity. The flow gets all the field values from the Opportunity and finds the corresponding field on the scorecard object. It then saves the scores as variables and updates the opportunity accordingly.

Because Gaylor Electric needed to update scoring criteria daily, we used Mass Action Scheduler to schedule the flow to run daily, ensuring that scoring is subsequently updated on all open opportunities.

Whenever the flow is triggered, the total score for the opportunity is updated.

Finally, we added a text component to the top of the page that will provide further instructions for sales team members working on the opportunity, based on the opportunity score.


Now opportunities are more accurately scored using field values and sales team members are equipped with better decision support based on up-to-date and relevant information.

Admins can easily update scoring criteria, and open opportunities are always scored accurately.

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