The Key to Salesforce Adoption – Don’t Give Up

manholdingrock_400As a continuation to our post on the Salesforce Adoption Maturity Model, let’s discuss Basic Adoption in detail.  Basic Adoption is usually attained when the entire team is tracking sales activities and managing prospect and customer relationships within Sales Cloud. The key to Basic Adoption is consistent usage – everyone is using the system on a regular basis and following similar processes.  It’s not about perfection, it’s about consistency.  Most companies in the Basic Adoption phase have made modifications for their specific business processes to help track important information about the Leads, Contacts, Accounts, and Opportunities they are engaging. 


Introducing the Salesforce Adoption Maturity Model

salesforce-adoption-maturity-model_400At Fast Slow Motion, we are big fans of following a “crawl – walk – run” approach to adopting and implementing Salesforce. We emphasize establishing a firm foundation before trying to do too much on the platform. This post introduces a Salesforce Adoption Maturity Model that elaborates on the “crawl – walk – run” approach. The model gives you a framework to adopt Salesforce successfully so you receive immediate benefits while setting up the platform for future growth and increased value. Progressing through this model enables you to receive the long-term benefits of Salesforce while maximizing your initial investment. This model is useful for both people that are considering a Salesforce implementation and people that are struggling adopting Salesforce.

Avoiding Pain During Technology and Process Changes

valleyofdispair_600When organizations are evaluating new technologies and major process changes, it is common for them to develop inflated expectations that often leads to disappointment and frustration. Factors that contribute to this are the human tendency to be over-confident, an evaluation process that is not rigorous enough, and sales and marketing messaging by vendors that under-emphasizes complexity. Buyers are hearing what they want to hear while sellers are accentuating their positives and minimizing any difficulties and complexities. Software implementations are especially susceptible since modern software products are so complex, but can be made to appear simple and easy in a demonstration. (more…)

Leaders Just Do It

fastslowmotion_doitArt Williams got it right back in 1986.  Check out a snippet from his famous “Do It” speech below.

It’s one month into 2015 and I’m sure you had a lot of resolutions and plans to start the year.  Have you already given up on the resolutions you set just a few days ago?

Keep fighting.  Keep getting better.  Keep building your company.  Keep starting new companies.  Keep selling.  Keep delivering.  Keep mentoring.  Keep leading.  Keep striving for excellence.  Just do it!  It’s worth it! (more…)

The Secret Sauce to Business Success


Waiter holding empty silver tray over gray background

I’ve always felt that anyone can build a successful business if they just focused on one thing – serving others.  I believe it more today than ever before.  I know it sounds simple and somewhat cheesy.  However, if you will focus on serving your customers, employees, partners, investors, and family – everything else will to take care of itself over the long-term.

Yes, you can get lucky and stumble upon the right market or product.  Or, you can work hard, do the right thing, and focus on serving others.  I vote for option two.  I can control it, I can repeat it, and it’s much more fulfilling.

Servant leadership is the hard route.  You have to humble yourself daily and make wise, long-term decisions.  You treat others like you would want to be treated.  You don’t base your response on circumstances or how someone else treated you.  It’s hard – really hard.

Want to beat your competition?  Out serve them.  Call the customer back faster.  Do the right thing when you mess up.  Invest in your employees.  Do what you say you are going to do.  I don’t care if you’re selling the most commoditized widget in the world, a company that serves others will be successful.  Serving others is the true secret sauce to long-term business success.