Building Trust With Vulnerability | Ep 005

Dive into Episode 005 of the Fast Slow Motion Podcast with guest Martha Cirulnick, Project Leader at Fast Slow Motion, as she reveals the secrets to building trust within teams.

Host Sam Donaghey and Martha explore the crucial role of vulnerability and healthy conflict in fostering a positive work environment. Learn actionable strategies to cultivate trust, enhance team dynamics, and drive business growth.

Tune in for insights on creating a culture where every team member thrives.

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In This Episode:

  • 00:01:18:13: Martha Cirulnick’s Experience at Fast Slow Motion
  • 00:02:33:07: The importance of Trust in Team Dynamics
  • 00:03:57:06: Patrick Lencioni’s Pyramid Model with Trust as the Foundation
  • 00:05:03:06: Establishing Trust Through Vulnerability
  • 00:06:14:13: The Role of Healthy Conflict in Team Growth
  • 00:09:25:02: Steps to Create Vulnerability Within Teams
  • 00:11:49:16: Practical Examples of Showing Vulnerability
  • 00:14:33:10: Leadership Strategies for Fostering Vulnerability and Transparency
  • 00:17:51:01: The Connection Between Vulnerability, Trust, and Team Performance
  • 00:22:35:17: Benefits of Trust for Client Relationships and Business Outcomes

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