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Buy Software, Don’t Build It

While I won't use the word "never," you will really have to convince me that it makes sense for a small business to build its own proprietary software solution unless they are in the business of selling software.  It hurts me a little to make such a statement as I started my career as a software engineer building custom enterprise software solutions.  However, times have changed and custom software is the wrong solution for most businesses today. Building custom software...
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Life, for most of us, is hectic and crazy.  There's constant pressure at work and at home.  It seems impossible to catch up.  We all wear multiple hats, constantly multitask, and live with little margin.  From time to time, we try to address the problem by resetting, de-cluttering, and re-prioritizing.  While this works for a short time, we often find ourselves back where we were - dominated by busyness, stressed to the max, and suffering from lack of joy and...
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Tips for Managing People

Managing people is one of the biggest challenges of any business.  Your employees can make or break you.  The people problem is even more important for early stage businesses.  You can't make a hiring mistake when you are just getting started - period.  However, as you grow, you must add people.  You will greatly limit your ability to scale if you don't know how to manage people properly.  Managing people is a complex problem that's hard to replicate successfully.  Here's...
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The Importance of Implementing Practical Processes

Josh Andrews, founder of Legal to English, recently interviewed John Burdett, founder of Fast Slow Motion, about the importance of building businesses based upon practical processes and procedures.      
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Practical Tips for Setting Up a Business

One of the great things about today's business environment is that you can start a new business with a scalable infrastructure with very little money in a short time period.  While you can set up everything very quickly, how can you setup your business so that is built with a solid foundation for growth that immediately appears professional and viable in the marketplace?  Here's a few tips we've learned over the years: Select the proper entity type and hire a...
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