Chatter More, Email Less with Salesforce


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Salesforce’s internal social collaboration platform, Chatter, is one of the top social collaboration tools according to review platform, G2 Crowd. This isn’t surprising. Chatter has enabled businesses to share valuable information amongst themselves, changing the way they collaborate and communicate internally.

Chatter is a versatile tool for your company.  Here are three of the best ways you can use it to help your business: (more…)

Avoid the Headaches of Data Integration with Salesforce

headaches-of-data-integration_400For growing businesses, having data in multiple, siloed systems is a major issue. Data is spread across multiple systems making it hard to have a full 360 view of vital customer information.

It’s hard to know everything that’s going on in your business.  Trying to integrate the data you need into one place can be a headache, time consuming, and an expensive endeavor. You can avoid these problems with Salesforce. 

1. All your information is in one location. (more…)

The 3 Best Features about the New Salesforce Reports and Dashboards

a previous post, we talked a little bit about the new Salesforce Lightning Experience. We want to discuss in detail one of the best new features – the new reports and dashboards.

First of all, like the rest of Lightning’s new user interface, reports and dashboards look better than ever. They’re also easier to navigate and edit. They are more interactive too, which makes the data more engaging to read and interpret. Here are some of its best features: (more…)