The Salesforce Audience Studio will revolutionize the way you do business. The Audience Studio platform helps you gather, analyze, and display data about your customers in an intuitive way so you can clearly see how you’re performing and where to improve. Salesforce Audience Studio is all about making your data actionable, giving you better insight into your customers than ever before.

  • Aggregate and analyze data from multiple sources and providers in one place.
  • Predict customer behavior based on machine learning and data trends.
  • Identify key segments of your customer base and target them with campaigns built around purchasing habits.
  • Find and target new audiences by analyzing the patterns of your current customers against Data Studio’s second-party and available third-party data.
  • Use AI to evaluate your data sets, giving you unparalleled analysis and insight.
  • Get a better understanding of the factors that make a campaign successful, and use that knowledge to continually improve.
  • Integrate Salesforce Marketing Cloud services to make your data even more powerful.

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