Salesforce Implementation and Consulting

So, your business is growing, but so is the chaos.

You know Salesforce can help, but you aren’t seeing the results you need or don’t know where to start.

To get the most out of Salesforce and improve your processes across the board, you need more than just another technical partner. You need a business partner that has been in your shoes, understands your business, and knows how to apply technology the right way. From our own experience, we know how to simplify and streamline Salesforce operations to help you build your business the right way, and enjoy the ride.

At Fast Slow Motion, we help you make Salesforce fit your business by solving real problems that create flexibility and options for business owners by customizing the platform so your employees can use the software intuitively, and you can start to see real return.

Salesforce Implementation & Consulting Services

Salesforce isn’t a one-size-fits-all cap, it’s a tailor-made suit that makes you look good and work better. That’s why, we normally start with a Quickstart engagement, we come in and get ourselves up to speed on your company and what it needs and build the foundation you need. We work with you and your team to address issues across the organization and find opportunities for improvement. To us, it’s a process not a project. You’ll see results from the beginning, but our goal is to make your business better every single day. And you’ll be with us every step of the way to ensure you’re getting the most value and we’re solving the right problems.

Salesforce is the beginning—it clears the clutter so we can see a path forward—then we become your business partner to help you grow the right way and enjoy the ride. We reinforce your understanding of Salesforce by building on what you already know and by encouraging you to experiment with the platform. That foundational work will inform all future growth. We don’t offer advice that fades with the time.

  • Sales and Service Cloud Implementations
  • Marketing Automation Integration
  • Change Management and User Adoption Consulting
  • Pardot Implementations
  • Salesforce Communities Implementations
  • Custom Application Development on the Salesforce Platform
  • Salesforce Training and Mentoring
  • Ongoing Salesforce Support and Enhancements

Our Approach

We want to reinforce your understanding of this technology by systematically building on what you already know. It’s a process, not a project.

That said, we also want you to see ROI as quickly as possible. The foundational work we do with you and your business will inform all future endeavors. We don’t offer advice that fades with the times.

Our business model encourages experimentation. After all, the more you work with the software, the more comfortable it will feel. Each new breakthrough will improve productivity in ways unique to your business.

We are fluent in the languages of both business and technology. We’ll teach you what we know and how it applies to your operations.

To us, there’s a right way and a wrong way to implementing Salesforce. That means not just answering questions, but asking them. How might your company benefit from new ideas? We will also provide options for every situation, the pros and cons for each as well as our personal recommendation.

As a prospective business partner, your company is our company. We want to reduce your technology risk and inject flexibility into your Salesforce implementation so that improvements are simple, but sustainable. That’s what we’d do for ourselves, and we’re happy to do it for our partners.

We don’t leave our partners out of the loop. Instead, we over-communicate. You’ll always know where you are today and where you’ll be tomorrow.

No strings attached. You will always have the option to support Salesforce yourself or switch partners. We never want you to feel trapped or locked into a business relationship.

Salesforce alone cannot help your business grow. It’s all about how you use it.

I worked with a couple Salesforce partners before connecting with Fast Slow Motion without much progress made. After getting started with John and his team, we were actively using Salesforce within 6 weeks. There were many differences between FSM and others, but what benefited our team the most was interpreting our business and how that flows into Salesforce. I would have saved time, money and headache if FSM was the original partner I worked with. I look forward to our next call, project, and continued partnership!

Noah Carr, COO, Lumbermen Online

John and his team did a first-rate job in expanding our existing Salesforce implementation from 3 sales reps to 12 employees in client services and management. FSM went above and beyond, extracting, transforming and migrating a large amount of data from a legacy contact management and a homegrown order processing system, while at the same time providing training and support to our users. Great job!

Lane Savage, COO, ErgoScience

“The team at Fast Slow Motion got us completely up and running in under a month – with a pretty complex set of requirements. I’m impressed. This is a group that we’re going to partner with lots in the future.”

Austin Senseman, VP Operations & Growth, PowerPivotPro

These are just a few ways to describe our experience with John and team at Fast Slow Motion. Out of all the vendor relationships we have, FSM is in the top, if not number one. If you’re looking to leverage a qualified team of people who care about getting it right for you and your business, then go with FSM. Seriously.

Les Bradford, CEO, Youth Ministry 360

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